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See Seth From Closers In Action With These Exclusive Screenshots And GIFs

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Seth is coming to to Closers with all her half-demon glory September 10th. And if you've been itching to see more of Seth as the days go by, you're in luck as En Masse have provided MMORPG with some exclusive screenshots and GIFs to share with y'all.

One look at Seth in Closers and it me want to create a character on the 10th when she hits the game. Imbued with the power of the demon Sekhmet, Seth is the final member to join UNION's Wildhunter team. From En Masse:


Seth is a melee brawler, a delightful young woman named Anna that’s been imbued with the otherworldly powers of Sekhmet. Once the two of them combine their abilities, Seth is born and all challenges must beware of her massive swiping claws and ferocious agile attacks.

Seth is a wild being who fights with claws. She's a "being" because she's actually the fusion of a young girl and a strange wild being. There are several very famous characters that use claws, from all sorts of fiction.  Perhaps the greatest inspiration for the character Seth came from the famous manga, Yotsuba&! (Yes, that ampersand is correct!) The predatory look with those claws was based on big cats. Matching the dangerous image with the cute character from the manga generated a nice synergy for a ferocious but precocious young character. 

Her weakness is that she enters her empowered state slowly, compared to other characters. And her close attack range makes it difficult for her to deal with a large number of monsters. Still, she's an absolute blast to play, and we expect players will fall in love with her moves and style come September 10th.

You can check her out early as Closers hosts a pre-build event on August 27th. In the meantime, enjoy these exclusive screenshots and GIFs which show the Girl with Two Souls in action.

Full Disclosure: Closers is represented by Team CriticalHit, a games PR company co-founded by former MMORPG Managing Editor Bill Murphy.


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