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Say Hello to the Kratan and the Blood Knight

William Murphy Posted:
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Order & Chaos is one of the original Mobile MMORPGs, and is still going strong today on Android and iOS. And as we announced last week, it’s getting a sequel with an all new engine, new gameplay updates, new lore, and well… new everything. Today we’re happy to present the Kratan race, one of the new playable races available in Order & Chaos 2, as well as the all new Blood Knight class.


While the Kratan is the new kid (race) on the block, they’re bound to be one of the favorites. Who doesn’t want to play a massive bipedal dragonborn? Kratans are a proud reptilian race, cunning and fierce. Though strong in stature, they will choose diplomacy over battle if they believe it more efficient to achieving their goal.  In short, they’re refined… but don’t tick them off.

Once thought to be all but extinct, the Kratan survived the Deluge and became ingrained in other civilizations over the centuries between the first game and this new story. Ergo, they’re no longer an uncommon species. With an even heartier constitution than the Orcs, their bodies are covered in hard scales that give them extra protection against acids and magical effects.

The Kratan have a lot in common with the Orcs as it happens. Not just physically, but like the Orcs they can be impulsive if pushed too far, and honor is one of their chief driving traits. Though they are more likely than the orcs to be an organized society, to have schemes, and to pursue learning and deeper knowledge about their world (though not quite like the Humans or Elves).


One of the new classes being introduced with Order & Chaos 2, the Blood Knight can be either a tank or a melee DPS fighter. They sacrifice hit points to use their skills and have a special combat resource called “Demon Blessings.” Some of their skills earn them Demon Blessings, while others consume them, causing damage and other special effects.  Blood Knights also have the ability to leech health from their opponents to make up for the HP they spend while using their skills. They’re a recommended class for experienced players!


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