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Say Hello to the Armies of Myth Card Set

William Murphy Posted:
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The third set of cards for HEX is just around the corner, and we’re pleased to reveal to you two of the brand new cards coming in the Armies of Myth set.  Focusing on building up your deck’s troops even more, the Armies of Myth set offers some truly unique new builds that focus on card synergy.

But what is the Armies of Myth set all about? From Team HEX themselves:

The adventures of the most legendary champions and villains of Entrath shape the epic tales of the Armies of Myth! The mystical coyotle look up to the stars, where the Signs of the Prophecies speak of the ominous events to come. The artistic elves use their command of ancient magic to protect the Genesis Pool, originator of all life, from those who seek to exploit its power. The fanatical vennen gather their legions of spider warriors in preparation for an all-out assault on their despised orc nemeses. All while the necrotic calmly shift their minds and abilities amongst each other as they methodically work towards their secretive ultimate objective.”

The first new card we have the pleasure to reveal is the INDIGO DREAMWALKER. This Coyotle troop makes the next non-resource card you draw cost 0 resources. Even the most expensive cards in your deck can be played for free.  This is a brand new mechanic with Armies of Myth called “Prophecy” (one of three new mechanics). On top of that awesome skill, you’ll notice the Dreamwalker is a flying troop too making it difficult to defend against.

Next up is a personal favorite of mine… the QUTZAL GORECASTER! A member of the Orc clans, the Gorecaster creates a Scarless Raider every time you’re dealt non-combat damage. This is absolutely beautiful to pair with the original Shards of Fate (set 1) card, which deals 1 damage to you at the start of every turn.  So, in essence, every turn both cards are in play, the player gets a 1/1 troop added to the board. You can quickly establish board control with the Gorecaster in your hand. And again, she also has flight and a decent bit of health to last a while and summon a handful of Scarless early in the game.  

These are just two of over two hundred new cards coming with the Armies of Myth update. There will be 100 common cards, 60 uncommon, 72 rares, and 18 new legendary cards added with the AoM set. And it’s worth noting that with every pack players will get a rare or a legendary, guaranteed. You can earn packs just by playing, or if you’re impatient you can buy them with HEX’s real money currency for a few bucks per pack. 

You can read more about the Armies of Myth update, and sign up for the ongoing beta of HEX over at the OFFICIAL SITE.


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