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Garrett Fuller Posted:
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If you like saving the suburbs from hordes of monsters, building your own weapons, and some seriously stylish art and graphics then Monster Madness Online is the perfect game for you. The game hosts an online hub which allows for players to meet up and go off test their skills against the monster invasion. We got to see the game at GDC and had fun demoing the title across mulitple platforms.

Monster Madness allows players to start as one of four character types. Two guys, and two girls begin your selection, but then there are countless points of customization for you to build out your avatar. You can get all types of costumes and spec out some really crazy guns and weapons. The team really wanted to build weapons that kids would build using backyard tools and some imagination. It creates for a fun way to battle the monsters. Players also have access to a spell system which can be used to heal or strike damage. You can choose what you want to build as your specs which gets very in depth. You can work on your weapons, stats, or spells to become really strong in one area or spread yourself out.

The wild weapons and costumes kids have access to does have a full crafting system in the game. You can make armor or weapons and design all kinds of fun ways to fight zombies. In the demo they used the boombox to show how it had an area effect on the zombies to make them dance. This made the fight much easier. The game is free to play but the store is cosmetic only so players won’t have to worry so much about spending a fortune to craft what they want to carry.

One of the real gems to Monster Madness Online is the fact that you can play on almost any device. PC, tablet, or phone, we watched all three devices host the game seamlessly and the developers would jump back and forth between them to show the gameplay. The interface across the platforms is friendly and the users should have no problem switching. They wanted to make sure every game feature was available on all devices.

Players do get all the MMO trimmings as well. They will have a pet that does not just follow them around but fights as well. The game has a lot of boss monsters which will spawn at different points. It has a Diablo style view to the game and packs fast paced action. Even the central hub where you meet up with your friends gets attacked sometimes. It also has a survival mode which is different from the normal game. This mode is a little more random and tests to see how long you can last against certain opponents. If that's not enough, there is a way to play Hardcore mode which has perma-death. The team just wanted to make sure all play styles were covered on many different levels.

Monster Madness Online has an amazing look and will appeal to players both young and old. I can see a lot of kids getting involved in the game because it is playable on so many devices. They hope to have early access out by the summer with a full release later in the year.

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Garrett Fuller

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