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Hail and Well Met

Refreshing and empowering, these are the words that might come to mind when playing the newly released and long awaited Matrix Online. These days one tends to forget the words behind the key letters that make up the acronym MMORPG, and that is role-playing. When playing your typical MMO the element that is lacking most on a broad scale is that of story and player interaction. Yet true role-players know that story is created by the players themselves and only need the designers or dungeon masters to provide the setting and to insure the world rules are followed. That being said however, in online gaming there is a story that should be advanced on a large scale for a player to feel that his or her character has an impact on the overall world that matters.

Without mentioning other current games by name, there is very little role-playing let alone a substantial story going on these days, and forget about community. You have your typical initial impressed view of a particular game. You might have a grind period of a month to three and then you realize your efforts are pointless and the game itself hits the shelf. Quite possibly a big waste of your time and money and in the end your role in your chosen game meant nothing.

The Power of One

Something fresh and new is happening deep within the green code of The Matrix. One person can and does make a difference. I have to tell you that knowing your character might possibly have a role in the story that will unfold based on all our actions, is very empowering. Matrix Online does something that I have yet to see in any other MMO and that is encourage role-playing to advance a story. Imagine that, people are now being rewarded for role-playing. MxO has implemented a system where only one person can register a particular name for all of its servers. There is no confusing one person for another and it allows the development team to single out certain people and drop clues. It has been done and will continue. Morpheus himself has been in contact with individuals and met with entire crews. This gives everyone the feeling that they could be the next person. Those that would like to meet with him again better choose their words carefully. I suspect that “d00d m0rp30us! You gotta hook me up with a better gun!” is not going to fly for very long. It is very clear that this game was intended for the serious mature gamer. Still casual players will find it easy to find many other non role-players around.

An Evening In The Matrix

The following is based on events ongoing within The Matrix Online and a particular player gathering on the Linenoise server. It will be reported in standard role play fashion. I want to note that this type of role-playing event is certainly not limited to this server. The participation game wide is very high. One only needs to visit the official forums to see how high it really is. If I had one complaint about the gathering, it would be the lag in the area was very bad at times. Yet kudos goes out to the group responsible, they pulled it off without much of a hitch and made the lag very bearable.

I would like to now switch the communication over to one of our contacts inside the Matrix itself. A man who goes only by the name of Daemon, and who was first hand witness to what took place.

////CARRIER SIGNAL ACQUIRED – 4324322911V7.214///

Greetings to all redpills now free from the grips of machines. I report to you tonight from Linenoise and the city is filled with great concern and apprehension right now as talk of a possible truce unraveling has started. It seems that the famed Morpheus has demanded the machines return the body of the one they called Neo. This has raised tensions between the various factions scattered throughout the city. Some are worried that Morpheus might be willing to risk the lives of everyone including the Matrix, by igniting the war again just for the sake of his own ambitions and prophecies. Some have even gone as far as to call the man a lunatic. While others stand by and have given their life pledge to aid. Whatever your position and everyone has one, little is really known at this moment. Some say there isn’t anything or anyone that can be trusted.

What is known is there is a massive recruitment effort going on. Every hard line in the city rings and has someone speaking to the public about his or her specific organization. Some preaching choice while others scream freedom. One thing that remains true in the eyes of this redpill, is there is plenty of freedom to choose whatever path you like. Right or wrong.

So tonight I had the chance to witness the start of what some were calling the coming revolution.Those who listen to the wire may have received this transmission from someonewho is referred to only as Chikako of the Winter Brood, inviting all to The Sanguine Room in the Moriah District for a gathering of new redpills. It had been quite the task for me to get there since some of the hard lines close to the club were down. I suspect that the machines may have had something to do with it. This was clearly a pro human gathering and could only concern the powers at be.

Needless to say, Zion must have been quiet because everyone who was anyone was there at the party. It seemed every crew in the city was well represented. It really was amazing to see so many different perspectives and ideas represented without a fight. If there was an altercation it did not happen inside the walls of the Sanguine Room that night.

The V.I.P.s ranged from members of the Enigma Directive, Archimedes Lever, The Testament, Ipconflict, CvC, and countless others. The Brood members were on hand in full force to assist the newly awakened with just about anything and everything.

I had arrived just in time to hear Chikako introduce the leader of the Winter Brood, Devol to the crowd. Devol then spoke out to more than a hundred or so people. You can read the hardcopy of his speech here. Those in attendance received him well. Sure there were some that resisted and were surely on their way, but the majority stayed for the entire event. At one point Devol began to take questions and one in particular sparked a debate in the crowd. Someone by the name of Jobi shouted out to Devol and asked him what his opinion was, on Commander Locke’s attitude towards Morpheus. Devol replied and I quote “Our main priority is peace. We believe Morpheus is important and his survival is key to maintaining the truce. Beyond that, we are as curious about his actions as Commander Locke.” This comment in turn sparked one man to call Morpheus a lunatic and another to shout in rebuttal, genius. It seemed like a fight was itching to break out, but as quickly as the tension rose, it settled and just like that the music kicked up and the party started.

Radio Free Zion had been covering the event and those who were connected to them heard a great show as always. The Brood crew worked the large crowd very well. There were coders on hand all night to fill requests at no charge. Stratagem, Kadith, Paracelano, Kahef, Theli and Zyron in particular all worked extremely hard to keep everyone happy. Despite the large numbers there were very little complaints. Augur handed out free gear to those in need while Asaroth gave away information. This reporter lost track at over seven million in prizes. At one point one lucky person walked away with three million in information.

from left to right - Stratagem, Devol, Chikako

While all this was going on I decided to make my way into the back and see if I couldn’t grab a moment of time from Devol. It seemed this task would be impossible as he was surrounded by his men and looked to be in a deep conversation. I simply shouted over to him for a picture and he agreed. I have to say I was surprised at the humility in this man. Despite his position and leadership of many, he is very approachable. Not but a few moments later, I had the distinct honor of meeting the beautiful and lovely Stratagem. She is second in command of the Brood and I must say absolutely stunning. She took to the dance floor and the heads turned. Certainly not to be out done was the gorgeous Chikako. She was the source of a great deal of the planning and what an amazing job she did. These ladies define class. The three of them posed for a photo and it was time for me to take off my coat and relax.

The rest of the night, all had a good time. The dance floor was crowded and the prizes were flying out the door. At one moment I looked over to the bar and there was Devol serving drinks to the newly awakened. Most men in his position would scoff at those who serve others, let alone those who had not yet claimed allegiance. Yet he is truly a man amongst men.

So while it was clear this was an intended public showing of solidarity between various factions. It is unclear what lies ahead for all of us. Peace is indeed a fragile thing and as the wise Oracle can be quoted as saying, “Nothing ever goes just right. Especially not peace.”

This is Daemon reporting with real news, for real people, proper and proportional. Until next time, and as always, the choice is yours.



Frank Frisina