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Richard Cox Posted:
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One of the most interesting features of RYL is the ability to switch from a "typical" MMORPG control setup to a FPS control setup with the press of a single hotkey. In the typical MMORPG setup you can move either with the WASD keys or by point and click with the mouse. You still have the cursor to click on hotbar entries, menu buttons and such. In the FPS control setup you move your character with the WASD keys, W and S move forward and back respectively, A and D strafe left and right. The mouse is used to aim the crosshair, there is no cursor and the left mouse button performs normal attacks, right mouse button performs special attacks. You actually have to aim your spells or other long distance attacks. In FPS mode you have a crosshair on the screen; in MMORPG mode you simply put the cursor over the target. There is no "selecting the target and all attacks go there automatically", if the target moves or you lose aim for any other reason, the attack will miss. Melee attacks work in much the same manner. You must left click for regular melee attacks or right click for special attacks while "aiming" at the target. Special attacks and spells can be placed on one of two hotbars; each with 5 slots. The Z and X keys switch between them, and pressing the number of the ability doesn't activate the ability as in most games, it selects that ability as the right mouse button action. All in all there is plenty of customization in the control setup to make anyone happy. Whether you prefer FPS games or typical RPG controls, you can feel right at home playing RYL.

As far as graphics go the world itself is quite stunning. Character animations look nice. Weather effects and lighting are fantastic, as described on the RYL official site:

"The game's advanced weather and environment effects will astound you. The sun's position and view angle follows the season and weather changes. When night approaches the sky gradually changes to darkness as the sun slowly sets but in the morning you can actually feels the sunrise as the sun slowly rises with unique lens flare effect. On a clear day with no mist, players can obtain a view of up to 1 km in distance. (In 1st person perspective, the eyeshot distance will be smaller)."

Character customization is nicely done, there are many different types of armor that can be worn, and the separate pieces can be mixed to provide a unique look. Characters can have more than one weapon "equipped" at a time and switch between them with the quick press of a hotkey. Weapons and armor have slots into which Gems can be inserted to upgrade the power of the item. There are many options for weapons and armor in the game, both in appearance and function. And storage space for all these items? Not only do you have a storage vault as per normal, you can expand the vault by buying additional space, up to four "pages" of space. And on top of all that the Storage Vault has a Password feature, adding extra security to prevent your little brother from logging onto your account and cleaning you out. Need to unload some of the extra gear you've outgrown or received on your last hunting mission? Set up a Street Stall and sell it to other players; basically turning your character into a NPC merchant to unload your unwanted gear while you run to the store to pick up snacks for your next outing.

Need something to do other than the endless slaughter of various monsters to gain experience? Try your hand at RYL's expansive quest system:

"The new version of RYL has over 200 quest-based missions for players to complete. These quests vary for each race and difficulty for each quest gradually increases as the player advances. Players can party with other players in order to complete these quests, giving it a realistic MMORPG adventure effect."

With over 200 quests to perform and an entire enemy race to battle over territory there is plenty to break up the leveling monotony. So if you're looking for a good MMORPG with a FPS feel to it, with a good PvP system based on Racial Warfare with Territorial Conquests go ahead and RISK YOUR LIFE, you won't be disappointed.


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Richard Cox