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Ak'Kan Classes:

Combatant - Base Class: (Strength 1):

They are born to fight and only males are allowed to be Combatants. They come with higher strength and HP, possess powerful attack abilities, can upgrade to Templar, Attacker, or Gunner when the required level is reached.

Templar - Combatant Specialty Class: (Strength 1.5, Constitution 1.5):

The Templar is the Combatant specialty class that adopts defensive abilities as their main prowess. They possess very high HP compared to a normal Combatant. They are capable of high speed attacks, absorb attacks and other skills. They can also make their party stronger with other special abilities.

Attacker - Combatant Specialty Class: (Strength 2, Constitution 1):

The Attacker is the Offensive Specialty class of the Combatant line. In addition to their massive damage from melee attacks, Attackers also have the ability to absorb opponents HPs and use instantaneous Fire Spring attacks. Attackers also have a War Chant which will raise the entire party's striking power as long as the chant is in effect.

Gunner - Combatant Specialty Class: (Dexterity 1.5, Constitution 1.5):

Gunners have the lowest HPs of all the Combatant specialty classes but aren't really meant to be in close combat. Gunners are the long distance attackers. Using black magic they form massively damaging blasts into rockets and bombs. As skill increases the Rocket attack is able to be used far more frequently and the Bomb attack becomes MUCH more devastating.

Officiator - Base Class: (Intelligence 1):

Officiators concentrate on intelligence and wisdom. Due to this only females are allowed as Officiators. Usually acting as support warriors, they have lower HP when compared to Combatants, but they are born with powerful magical skills and extraordinary speed.

Rune Officiator - Officiator Specialty Class: (Intelligence 2, Dexterity 1):

Rune Officiator's abilities are offensive and curse-based. They can poison their opponents or enchant their party member's weapons to increase striking power. Rune Officiators can also use their black magic to damage opponents with Electric Shock or Destruction and to cast Monster Summoning to summon a monster to aid them in battle.

Life Officiator - Officiator Specialty Class: (Wisdom 2, Strength 1):

The Life Officiator is the primary healing class in the Officiator line. They can resurrect fallen comrades, dispel negative effects and heal party members, tho not by ordinary means. The Life Officiator has the ability to absorb opponent's HPs and heal themselves. Then they can transfer their HPs to party members, sacrificing their own life force to aid their party members.

Shadow Officiator - Officiator Specialty Class: (Dexterity 1.5, Strength 1.5):

The Shadow Officiator excels in assassination and stealth skills. Although they have extremely low HPs they have high defense and incredibly powerful ambush attacks. They can turn invisible which aids in their being able to ambush their opponent, and most special attacks do more damage if performed while invisible.
Risk Your Life uses 5 stats:
  1. Strength - This affects weapon damage and weapon-based skill efficiency. Directly affects close combat weapons effectiveness and the weight limitations for inventory.
  2. Dexterity - Directly affects the Speed and Dodge rate of the character. Also affects the defense rating of the character, and the ability to use long distance attacks, and daggers/stilettos type skills.
  3. Constitution - This statistic plays into most of the possible threats which may harm a character, plays into the value of defense and HPs and even affects the speed of recovery.
  4. Intelligence - This affects the usage rate of a learned magic spell or skill and is also related to the recovery speed of MP.
  5. Wisdom - Wisdom affects the value of religious and magical attacks as well as magic resistance.

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