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The sun creeps over the mountains as you slowly approach the enemy village with the other members of your raiding party. Glancing back from your scout position you see that the rest of your team has taken position in the trees surrounding the village so you move forward. Cloaked in invisibility you are able to move in quite close to the Demon inhabitants of the village. Glancing back one more time to make sure everyone is still in position, you draw your bow and take aim on the closest Demon Player. Cycling through the hotkeys for just the right special attack you decide on the 'Bullseye' attack since it does extra damage while you are invisible. Knowing that the attack will break your invisibility you queue up 'Multi-Shot' to follow the 'Bullseye'. After a quick adjustment of your aim, centering your crosshair just above your target as he kneels to gather the loot of a slain mob, you wait for him to stand back up, to bring his face into the center of your crosshair. As soon as he stands back up and is in position you hit the right mouse button, firing off the 'Bullseye' shot, quickly following it with the hotkey to switch to 'Multi-Shot' and then hit the right mouse button again firing that off, pelting the target with a swarm of arrows, dropping him where he stood. As the rest of your party charges into the village you provide cover fire, alternating between various special attacks with the right mouse button and regular attacks with the left mouse button. In short order your party of Human players decimate the group of Demon players in and around the village and move in to occupy it, setting up to repel the attempts to retake the village the Demon players are bound to make throughout the day.

New Fantasy themed FPS? Not quite. It's Risk Your Life, a MMORPG by CiB Net Station. When you create your account initially you choose sides in the territorial war between the Humans and the Ak'Kan or Demons. Once making your decision there you move on to the character selection screen to pick a slot and create a character. Race is simple, it was determined when you picked a side. All that's really left is sex, hair, face, stat point distribution and picking a class. Classes are different on each side, here's a list and a description of each:

Human Classes:

Fighter - Base Class (Level Up Increase: Strength 1, Con 1):

Fighters can use almost every close combat weapon. A base Fighter has less HPs and Defense than the Fighter Specialty Classes but is still invaluable to a party for their tanking abilities and melee damage.

Defender - Fighter Specialty Class: (Strength 1.5, Constitution 1.5):

The Defender is a Defensive specialist. With abilities and skills such as Protect and Guard and the ability to raise everyone in the group's Defense, the Defender is the perfect tank. But the defender isn't just a meat shield, they have decent melee fighting skills as well.

Warrior - Fighter Specialty Class: (Strength 2, Constitution 1):

If an offensively specialized melee character is more to your liking then the Warrior is right up your alley. Lacking in the Protect/Guard abilities, the Warrior can raise the Attack strength of his entire group and perform massive damage with his special attacks.

Rogue - Base Class: (Dexterity 1, Strength 1):

Rogues have the ability to do massive up-close damage and have higher defense than Fighters but aren't suitable to tank due to their MUCH lower amount of HPs. Their powerful ambush attacks, long distance weaponry and stealth abilities give them a huge advantage of passive monsters and unwary opponents.

Assassin - Rogue Specialty Class: (Dexterity: 2, Strength 1):

Assassins are the more melee specialized Rogue specialty class. Assassins greatly assist a party by doing massive amounts of damage with their Dark Strike and other Ambush style attacks while invisible.

Archer - Rogue Specialty Class: (Dexterity 1.5, Strength 1.5):

Archers are the Rogue specialty class which specializes in long distance attacks. Although they can use most weapons in a cinch they specialize in Bows and Crossbows. Like base Rogues and Assassins they can turn invisible and a lot of their special attacks do extra damage when performed while invisible.

Mage - Base Class: (Intelligence 1, Dexterity 1):

Although they're the weakest classes when it comes to up close and personal combat, from a distance the Mage can unleash powerful damaging spells and spells to assist their party members. Mages and Mage Specialty classes can also cast Summon to bring all the members of their party to the Mage's location.

Sorcerer - Mage Specialty Class: (Intelligence 2, Dexterity 1):

The Sorcerer is the Mage specialty class which specializes in massive offensive damage. Sorcerer's spells fall into 4 types: Thunder, Ice, Fire and Death. Thunder paralyzes the target for a short period while doing damage. Ice does damage and slows the target. Fire does massive damage and at high levels becomes an Armageddon spell which does massive amounts of damage to a large area of effect. Death is the best damage type in PvP and is instantaneous.

Enchanter - Mage Specialty Class: (Intelligence 1.5, Dexterity 1.5):

Enchanters posses powerful assistance and condition spells. They have buffs for party members and curses for opponents. They can cast Weapon Enchant to raise the attack power of the party. They also have a Seal Attack spell to trap an opponent and damage them over time.

Acolyte - Base Class: (Intelligence 1, Strength 1):

Acolyte is the character class that is responsible for healing party members. Although they are not able to heal a party member directly at this stage, they are capable of reviving dead party members, increasing their recovery speed and casting many other protection spells. Although they are not effective in close combat, they can act as close combat soldiers in certain situations since they have higher HP.

Priest - Acolyte Specialty Class: (Intelligence 1.5, Strength 1.5):

The Priest has better close combat abilities than the Cleric, while still retaining some healing, protection and recovery spells. While definitely not a Fighter by any means, the Priest can fill in as a close combat fighter in some instances if one is needed.

Cleric - Acolyte Specialty Class: (Intelligence 2, Strength 1):

Compared to the Priest, this class of character does not have strong physical offensive abilities; they are mainly responsible for healing and protecting their party members. Most of their skills are related to recovering party members and they also posses higher protection against magic spells.

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