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Garrett Fuller Posted:
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If there is one show that marks comedy for the last decade it truly is Family Guy. The show can be described simply as always having something funny in every episode. Everytime I put on Family Guy I always laugh out loud at something. That same magic is now coming to Family Guy Online. Crazy right? But the game is well made and hysterically funny. Being able to run around Quahog and mix it up with the characters from the show is awesome fun. Let’s check out what it's all about.

First it is a browser based MMO which makes access easy to get into the game. Right now FGO is in Beta, but is playable by just about anyone. They are using a free to play model with a cash shop to support the game. This way everyone can jump in and explore the world spending money if and where they want to. So what do you find in virtual Quahog? Well there is a surprising amount to do for players.

Customization is a major aspect for characters. Having your cartoony character and dressing them with all kinds of funny bits of clothing from the show is great to set up. Once you have your look down you can go out and explore, unlocking quests in the game to discover all kinds of lunacy. Yes, you heard me right... there are quests in the game. FGO is like World of Warcraft with fart jokes. You will help the various characters in Family Guy with all types of problems.

Family Guy has always been known for its ridiculous over-the-top fight scenes. Well the game brings them to life in some awesome combat scenarios. There is even a public quest to fight the Giant Chicken! There are lots of brawls to be had around Quahog and players can seek out challenges and battles to get into. More importantly these types of quests help your reputation in town to become a better or worse citizen.

The developers say very clearly that there is a lot of depth to the game; more than you might expect from something most will think of as a cash-grab. You can explore the world and really find some amazing parts of the game hidden beneath the comedy surface. They are working to really capture the core of the show. Quests will take you around to run some errands with the Stewie and Brian etc. They ultimately lead you into all sorts of trouble of course.

The core of the game is built around the Unity Engine which gives the development team lots of freedom to make changes and work with the world quickly. Family Guy Online definitely will surprise players. Trying it right now in Beta is a great way to explore the world and decide for yourself.The game absolutely delivers on it humor and play style which simply made us laugh. Family Guy Online stays true to the show with so many references and crazy humor.

Many times we have seen smaller style MMOs made from shows or cartoons, however Family Guy Online does offer very solid game play and lots of depth to explore in the world of Quahog. Doing Quagmire’s quest line is just hilarious, that alone should make you want to play.  It may not become your next addiction, and the obvious product placement for real life soft drinks and so on is a little grating (though not out of place considering the source material), but the game itself is surprisingly fun and a fan of the show will find a lot to like. Definitely check out Family Guy Online when you get the chance.


Garrett Fuller

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