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Rise of the Godslayer Factions, Part Two

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For the first time ever we will be introducing faction gameplay to the Age of Conan universe in the game's first expansion Rise of the Godslayer. The expansion introduces a multitude of new factions the players can interact with, providing even more depth and context to the Age of Conan lore and gameplay. Players can join, work for and betray factions in an ever-changing political climate.

You can read part one, and the first five factions, here.

Scholars of Cheng-Ho

The Scholars of Cheng-Ho used to rule the city of Shaulun. In the slender towers of the city, they used seeing-glasses to peer upon the face of their beloved goddess. In the darker times of the month, they summoned her servants, the Moon Children, a species of mischievous spirits who dwell in the underworld. The vast amounts of money being paid out by the opposing sides in the conflict have led to huge economic pressure on those living in the neutral city of Shaulun. As a result, the Scholars have been pushed from their homes. Pretending false sympathy, the Warlord of Gun Hai lured them north to his city. But the Warlord betrayed them and enslaved the Moon Children, refusing to allow them to return to the underworld. The Scholars were put to work in the city, creating potions and war machines for his use.

Children of Yag-Kosha

These are the men and women who worshipped the gentle god, Yag-Kosha, until he was stolen away by the evil sorcerer, Yara. They are few in number, but they are powerful in the white sorceries taught them by Yag-Kosha. When their god was stolen from them, they vowed to wander the lands spreading his word until he returned to them. Then, when the cataclysm began almost 25 years ago, they divined that their god had been killed. They learned the name of his killer, Conan. The priests of Yag-Kosha know that the God-Emperor is an usurper, guided by the same powers which their god had sought to oppose. They preach insurrection against the God-Emperor (but quietly).

Tamarin's Tigers

Tamarin's Tigers are a band of mercenaries from Vendhya, come to Khitai to fight in the war between the cities of Gun Xiu and Gun Hai. Their methods of warmaking are direct and brutal - they whip themselves into frenzy and then ride their fearsome tiger mounts into battle. Tamarin's Tigers are known for their bizarre body-piercings and tattoos. Some of the more aggressive members of the mercenary company have filed their teeth to points. Repeated rumor states that the mercenary company was expelled from Vendhya for their practice of cannibalism.

Wolves of the Steppes

The Wolves are the organized portion of the bandits who plague the central kingdoms. They are organized into packs that attack all across the grasslands, howling their fearsome howl as the charge into battle. Rumor has it that they have tamed the real wolves that prowl the steppes, and they use them as hunting companions. Some survivors have claimed that they have seen bandits riding the great beasts into battle - but that must surely be a lie. The wolves are led by Bhangi Khan, who rumor maintains is more than half-wolf himself.

The Hyrkanians

Hyrkania is Khitai's western neighbor and there is no love lost between the two lands. Hyrkania is a vast land of prairies, forest, and tundra. Hyrkania is best known for its broad, barren steppes where horse-warriors, masters of the powerful double-curved bow, gallop the great treeless tracts of land. Living in tribal clans and led by Khans, these warriors ride on raids of plunder. They are lean horsemen in sheepskins and high fur caps lashing their horses and loosing their barbed arrows.


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