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Revelation is Like a Whole New Game

William Murphy Posted:
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In the coming months, Trion Worlds’ and XLGames’ ArcheAge is set to undergo its largest free content update ever with the launch of 3.0: Revelation. Bringing two new races (one for each faction) each with their own regions, the Dwarves and the Warborn are about to shake things up in the ongoing battle between two halves of the world.

For people who prefer their ArcheAge to be about the PVE, they’re bound to be pleased with this update as both the Dwarves and the Warborn get their own level 1-30 storyline, complete with new zones, new quests, new items, and new housing plots as well. The Dwarves reside in a snowier climate on Nuia, complete with all the new crafting and farming possibilities that brings. The Warborn are in a more desolate region of Haranya, with each new race having their own new capital city as well.

The focus of our eyes on demo was the two new races and their surrounding areas, but there’s a load of new updates and improvements coming to Revelation that we’ll learn about later. The male dwarves are your ideal dwarves, truly. As a fan of the beer-making, hammer-wielding, mountain living race, it’s nice to see XLGAMES hit the western look and feel of them so well. The female dwarves are a more Korean stylized version than you’d expect. No beards here, for instance, and the female dwarves are stocky, but still crafted to be more attractive than you might think when you hear dwarf.

Meanwhile, the Warborn are something akin to hulking, walking devils. The males are absolute beastly in size looking more like mechanical demons with draconic overtones. The women look this way as well, but they’re still a more sexualized female look with large busts and not nearly as brutish a look as their masculine counterparts.

The two new races in Revelation: Warborn and Dwarves

The interesting thing about both new races is that they have a sort of “Ace in the Hole” racial skill called a Transformation that’s a short-term, long cooldown skill which will let them turn into racially appropriate mechanical forms that can then wreak havoc on their foes. Think of it like an Ultimate from any number of games, and you get the idea. They’re very impressive to behold, that’s for sure and should be welcome in most any PVP group due to the imposing nature of the transformation, even if it only works for a short time.  It’s unlocked at level 30 via a racial story quest, which sort of caps off the lore of each race.

Aside from the new races, there are 6 new zones to explore, with most of those being relegated to the new races, but one in particular will be of note for fans of the more relaxed side of ArcheAge: the PVE and the housing system.  We’ll get to that in just a minute. Each of the new zones has new specialty items that can only be crafted there, and each zone supports housing as well. It really just opens up the world for more trading, more crafting, and more housing.  Even the cap for proficiencies is going up from 180K to 230K, a whole new tier of crafting. Master Machiners for instance can craft a car that’s tradeable now, which wasn’t ever an option before. Live life as a car dealer, for real! 

The Dwarven home lands in Nuia.

Each of the new races have a new mount as well, with the Dwarves getting a goofy, but loveable snowy ­­­­boar. Each of the southern zones will also gain a community center with the Revelation update. These manage the houses and the residency of everyone in that zone. You become a resident of that zone by placing a house there, and start being able to participate on a daily basis. Every week then, based on how much you interact with the community center and its goals, you get a payout as a sort of weekly reward. When the community center is leveled by the players to rank 3, it can produce an item that’s not been seen before and becomes a specialty and very rare item of the zone to be used for trade, farming, and so on.

The land of the Daru in Revelation.

­­­­Now, speaking of farming and trade, let’s talk about Anamar. It’s on the Western Continent, west of the Hellswamp, and it’s in a perpetual state of peace. That’s right… it will never be contested, and both factions must play nicely within the zone. It’s the largest housing zone in the game, and it’s all about PVE and farming, and trade. As the home of the Daru, it’s a little goofy, but lush, verdant, and absolutely reflective of the peaceful nature of their race. There’s absolutely no PVP at all in this zone. Sound good, yet? Every single spot in the zone support housing too, from 800-1200 player houses can be fit into the zone. So there should be room for just about everyone.  There are car races, swan boats that can be used as bumper cars, and so forth. The whole area is about taking a break from the constant war, and Trion expects it to be every popular.

When will all this good stuff be ready? Trion hopes to launch Revelation in December of this year, for NA and EU. And what’s more is that they plan on opening new fresh start servers. But unlike last time, these servers will be on a completely different cluster. To be able to use them, you’ll have to create a new account so that none of your labor points can be carried over to give you an unfair advantage. More info on the timing and specifics of that launch will come closer to release day. For now, keep an eye on the official site and ours as well for more information as it comes. Be ready to get your dwarf on.


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