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Relic Hunter Legends Preview - Lining the Ducans Up in a Row

Ralph Whitmore Posted:
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I’m sure we are all familiar with Relic Hunters Zero, the awesome game where you play cool characters running around defeating all the Ducan Commander with all kinds of awesome weapons. If you are not familiar with it you should give it a go. It’s fun and free. Now the pressing matter at hand Rogue Snail is developing Relic Hunters Legend and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a pre-alpha build.

Relic Hunter Legends is a 4 player online co-op looter shooter where you will be taking on the Duncans. As it is a pre-alpha not everything is added yet but I can tell you what we were able to experience. In the pre-alpha we were able to choose from 3 characters. All characters you will know or remember from Relic Hunters Zero. We had the choice of Jimmy, Seven, and Ace.

Each character has there own set of special abilities or will upon release. Each has a special mobility skill, I found Ace’s rocket jump very fun to use.At the moment in this build only Jimmy had one of his skills unlocked, the grenade. As for guns, like with Zero you will find that characters may have there own weapon type in the beginning before unlocking more as you play. By far Ace was my favorite to play because for some reason the rocket jump is just that fun to me. Also who doesn’t like being a space donkey?

The level and mode that was previewed in this build was a capture the point kind of gameplay. In this mode you have to capture the point within the time limit and then defeat the Ducans. After completing all the objectives, you win. Now this mode was only for the pre-alpha. Upon release there will be a story mode, dungeons, and explorable areas. That is a lot more modes and a lot more gameplay I look forward to. Also to note, the level look beautiful.

Overall Relic Hunters Legends has been a bundle of fun. I can easily see myself playing for hours with a group of friends or a good pick up group. I look forward to playing the story mode, dungeons and everything else that gets added to the future builds of this. If you have not played Relic Hunters Zero, again I think you owe it yourself to give it a try and maybe even with a friend. After you are all done playing that get hyped for Relic Hunter Legends because it will be even more fun.


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