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Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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On Friday Trion Worlds announced that the much-anticipated Rift Prime server will be named Vigil, giving folks the opportunity to put a much heated response for other choices to rest. Immediately focus shifted to getting prepared for Prime. Are you ready?

The first Rift Prime server launches no earlier than 11am Pacific, Wednesday March 7th.

Welcome to Vigil.


  • Buying the Primogenitor pack for the price of two months of Prime also gives you a mount that scales plus 3 vanity items. Yes there will be mounts on the store, otherwise your first mount is currently estimated to be 2 plat 50 gold in game.
  • Two characters per account
  • Faction no longer matters for guild, group or raid. - Guardian: Dwarf, High Elf, Mathosian - Defiant: Bahmi, Kelari, Eth
  • Get ready to grab your character and guild name if applicable, it’s free for all
  • Yes, guilds are recruiting


  • Magelo Soul Tree Calculator
  • Primalist class will not be available
  • 8 base souls per class available on day one
  • Storm Legion, Nightmare Tide & Celestial souls available for planarite
  • Leveling guides: Cleric - Rogue - Mage - Warrior
  • Planar Attunement experience begins day one but does not arrive until Lvl 50


  • No Instant Adventures
  • Telara zones auto mentor
  • Level 50 Dungeons and Raids
  • Everyone gets drops in dungeons - no rolling
  • Even if mentored will receive gear according to current level
  • Possible mount drops of last boss in dungeons
  • Some chronicles will appear that support the story line
  • Carnival seasonal world event will also be on Vigil.
  • Level 50 Gear yet to be 100% confirmed


  • No PvP server
  • No Conquest
  • All brackets of Black Garden, Codex & Whitefall Steppes will be available
  • Appropriate Warfronts will arrive with zones/level caps they are relevant to.


  • Gathering: mining, foraging, butchering
  • Crafting: outfitter, apothecary, runecrafter, weaponsmith, armorsmith, artificer
  • No Dreamweaving until Storm Legion
  • Stans Lure will be available with Nightmare Tide
  • No Minions


  • Puzzles & Cairns exist in all Level 50 zones offering helpful rewards
  • Artifacts are available also offering helpful rewards
  • Unstable artifacts arrive with Dreamweaver. Nightmare, poisonous and burning artifacts occur straight away in Gloamwood and Stonefield. Be aware of debuffs from these.
  • Rares will be available, may also be shard firsts
  • No vials or trackers on Prime for artifacts
  • Wardrobe UI has changed since 2011
  • Wardrobe items on live store will be found out in the world rares etc
  • You will not receive wardrobe appearances from items until you equip the item
  • Wardrobe Dyes will be available on the store for purchase


  • Rifts version of housing, although housing is just a small part of Dimensions
  • Dimension store will be available on Prime
  • Dimension items will be available via the store, world drops, fishing
  • Beginners Guide to Dimensions
  • Dimension Add On
  • You can also build on f2p servers where you have access to minions that provide many dimension items and a generous community that enjoy sharing stock piled items.

Thank you to everyone who provided the information linked in this article. There are still finer details to gather but hopefully this see’s you hit the Vigil ground running.

Good luck and have fun!


Any further questions? Please ask below or log onto MMORPG Discord.


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