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Playing Countdown PVP on PC

William Murphy Posted:
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If I ever tell you I’m good at competitive shooters, you can call me a liar. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the hell out of the new Countdown PVP mode on PC today at the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal. Sadly, video capture was only available on PS4, so we’ll be sure to post some videos of ours or others when they go live. But the new mode, Countdown, is the capture and defend option Destiny fans have been waiting for.

Essentially, Countdown is two teams of 4 (as are all Crucible modes from now on) taking turns in arming and defending or diffusing bombs. I’m proud to say that my team won, but well… it was in spite of me not because of me. One: I suck at Warlock. Two: I suck at PVP in all games, especially shooters. The map we played on takes place on Earth, in a ruined city of the golden age. There are points spread across the map where the defending team can choose to lay down a bomb. One that happens, they must defend and let it explode to win the round. If the attacking team takes out all members of your team or diffuses the bomb before it detonates they win.

Team comps matter too. I can’t tell you how many times I was happy to have a former pro gamer and military guy on our side, who used his Titan to put up a defense wall at key parts of the map. I died more than I lived, but I was just thankful there was no one yelling about Payloads or asking for heals in my ear. Mike Williams from USGamer was seated to my left and carried my ass too. I did have one really memorable moment at the end of our match though.

After Mike started diffusing the other team’s charge, it was me versus one final warlock. They tried to pull back and play defensive, luring me in. I spammed my Dawnblade Super, and charged in, on fire and wielding a massive fire sword. In two swings, they were down and Mike managed to diffuse the bomb. We won the round, and the match.

The game tracks your stats, and I was definitely the one with the lowest efficiency, but hey… at least in Golf I would have won. I had a great time though, and can see myself playing the PVP casually when the game launches this September. It’ll be a great way to let off steam, play with your Clan, and earn rewards. Basically, it’s just like Destiny 1 PVP. Only now, there’s a sweet new game mode to try out too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and try to capture some Strike footage on the PS4 for you all. And try not to die there…


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