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PixARK First Look - ARK Cubed?

David Holmes Posted:
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Coming from out of the blue is the new early access game PixARK. A game that at first glance seems like an odd love child of Minecraft, Trove and ARK. But does it work?

Brought to you by Snail Games USA, PixARK has come to early access on steam. PixARK combines the voxel-based graphics one associates with Minecraft type games like Trove with the crafting system and dinosaur taming of ARK. It all seems to work well together.  The voxel graphics give the game a nice look and keeps the install size well under the huge size of ARK.

If you've played any amount of ARK, the crafting system is straight from it. Learning recipes as you level from Engrams and crafting thatch walls and the like. Various crafting stations are there as well a preserving station since some items spoil over time. Taming is definitely easier than ARK is but can still be tedious. The pathing for your pets seemed a bit wonky at times. A nice addition is that tamed animals can be turned into cubes and stored away for later use.

There is a randomly generated quest each day that a mailbox looking bot can give you to do. Which helps you get a little more familiar with the game and such. Housing is what you would expect from a voxel-based game using ARK crafting.

Single player instances worked well, but at the time of this article multiplayer servers were laggy as could be. PixARK could be classified as ARK light, much easier to run than ARK and not as heavy on your system. It feels like a nice game at first look, but if you own ARK and your computer can run it well this may not be worth it for you.


David Holmes