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PAX West 2017 - Trion's Recommitment to the Game

Blake Morse Posted:
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Action MMO Defiance entered the world a few years ago as a tie-in to the SyFy channel show of the same name. Now, five years later the show may no longer exist, but the game is still alive and well. And the team at Trion Worlds is ready to recommit to making Defiance a success and making it a game players will want to immerse themselves in for at least another five years.

One of the features that they’re rolling out to forward that endeavour is a brand new warmaster raid boss. The raids start off very similar to other public events, you start off fighting off mutants near a spaceship crash site. Once you blasted away the exterior enemies with your semi-auto rifles, shotguns and explosive apparatuses you’ll head to the interior for the next round.

Mutants on the ship are much tougher and larger than the ones inside and you’ll have to down a whole mess of them before being allowed access to the warmaster’s chamber. If you and your fellow players succeed in making it past the 2nd tier of enemies and make it to the chamber the real challenge begins.

The warmaster is a massive, hulking, behemoth of a beast that looks somewhat like a pissed off rancor with crystals growing out it’s arms and back. Those crystal-laden spots are also the creature’s weak points and you’ll have a limited time to break through the initial armor before you can really start doing damage to it. Overall it looks like it’s going to a serious mass of players all working together in order to make any real progress in kicking the warmaster’s butt, but it’s definitely shaping up to be an enjoyable, frantic, action-packed new mission for new and old players alike.

Defiance is available now and it’s free to play. If you enjoy third-person shooters and exploring the ravaged wastelands of a desecrated California Bay Area, give it a look.    


Blake Morse