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PAX West 2017 - Plains of Eidolon Preview

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Warframe hosts millions of passionate fans. The best part about building up this community is that you now have a solid game with a great group of players who can communicate and provide feedback to make a much better product over time. Warframe is doing just that. They are planning their most ambitious expansion yet with Plains of Eidolon and players cannot wait to get a taste of the new content.

Coming off of their last big expansion The War Within and a smaller DLC in between the Plains of Eidolon offers their first major open world content update in the game. Players can group up as four explorers in this vast open content update. The team is working vigorously to bring the most to players with additions like flight, mining, and most of all fishing.

The plains have a lot of space to explore with the addition of flight onto the game they wanted to make the map has a grand purpose. During the day the Grineer will be your common enemy on the fields. However, at night, strange things happen and giant kaiju monsters emerge from the depths to take vengeance. These boss fights are relentless and players will have to prepare for the dark.

Another major feature being added to the game is the ability to create modular weapons. Players have been excited about this for a long time and the team worked to make sure it is in this expansion. Now, you can mix and match a lot of combinations to create the perfect build in your gear. You will also have the ability to name your weapons, bringing in a sense of personalization.

Another great feature in Eidolon is the cave system being added into the game. There are tunnels and battles to be had which ties into the mining system to find new and precious ores. Digging out resources will be something players are going to have to plan for as some solid upgrades will be in the works.

Fishing is a fun pastime in any game. The Warframe folks had this one in mind with the community for a while. There are some great monsters in the deep that you can catch. It has been something the team wanted for a while. Even in a fast paced sci-fi game, there is time to stop and cast in a line.

The preview of Eidolon only scratched the surface at PAX. Players will get to see a lot more in the weeks to come as the team releases more information. The open world aspect of the expansion is the first step in allowing the team to explore this option in the future. Rebecca Ford was excited for the future as this expansion will bring in a lot of infrastructure that the team can then build on going forward.

Warframe fans will get the expansion before the end of the year. So expect a Fall 2017 release which seems like right around the corner. We are excited to see this game continue to move forward and grow as it keeps building with the core community more and more. There are a lot of MMOs that could learn some lessons on how Warframe updates and plans out their content. 


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