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PAX West 2017 - Hands On with the Psion

Blake Morse Posted:
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The fast-paced, frenetic action of Kritika Online’s closed beta for a while. Now, as it begins to enter its full launch this month it looks like there still a few more surprises up it sleeve. And that big surprise is a brand new playable character class known as the Psion.

Much like the other classes, the Psion looks like something straight out of an Anime like High School of the Dead. She is a pig-tailed, sword-wielding, gun-toting badass in a plaid skirt schoolgirl uniform who is ready to mess stuff up. Combat-wise she is mostly mid-range when it comes to shoot-outs, but can summon psychic blades to slice through enemies. Her blades can also help her pull off moves like a torpedo screwdriver or can spin around in an AoE style move.

The Psion looks like a perfect match for Kritika’s style of gameplay. Although I’m honestly not really sure how to feel about the constant upskirt shots you’ll bear witness to this character it does seem on par with the rest of the game’s aesthetics. And it’s definitely an extremely common anime trope.

Either way, players will get a chance to make their own judgement values later this month when Kritika moves from open beta to a fully playable release version later this month. Until then, you can hop in the beta to get ready or hit up Crunchyroll for a refresher on anime tropes.


Blake Morse