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PAX West 2017 - Hands On with Closers

Blake Morse Posted:
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When I saw the name Closers my mind immediately went to that famous line Alec Baldwin line in Glengarry Glen Ross about coffee. But, I quickly learned that this was not a game about cut-throat real estate salesmen in Chicago, but rather a new arcade-style action MMO from the folks at En Masse. As a matter of fact, not a single thing about this game has anything with either Alec Baldwin or real estate.

Well, maybe sort of real estate in the sense that you’re trying to keep cities from being destroyed by aliens. But beyond that Closers has more in common with Anime shows than anything else stylistically. And the content is being made to be episodic just like said shows.

You will take on the role of several teens born after humanity survives an extraterrestrial attack and are known at Closers. They wield weapons like laser swords and have psychic abilities that give them extra abilities in combat. Each kid has their own unique skills and a different side of the story to tell for each episode as you fight your way through the invading hordes.

Combat is reminiscent of classic arcade brawlers like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles only with much deeper combo system and moves list. Fighting is a frantic pace of basic attacks, dodges and super moves. Different outcomes and certain sections of levels will open up depending on what difficulty level you choose before each mission as well.

Closers is a brand new title, but it’s definitely one fans of classic and modern hack-and-slash style games should keep an eye on. The game will be going into Alpha on PC’s later next month, so we’ll be sure to update you with more details as we get them. 


Blake Morse