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PAX East 2017 - A Preview of Things to Come

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Hob has been on our radar for a while. The game is an action RPG puzzle game with a ton of great mechanics thrown into the mix. Hob is from the creators of the Torchlight series at Runic Games. This latest update showed some new areas and puzzles which the player will have to overcome, but Hob give amazing tools to get the job done.

The world of Hob is spectacular, building on classic fantasy elements and mixing them with unique technology in an art style that puts the player at ease. The world is struggling for survival as infection looms. Even some of the plants in the area will damage you if you touch them. Hob’s creators want the environment to play into every aspect of the game. Armed with your trusty gauntlet and key-like sword you’ll be exploring to try and end the spread of this new blight.

The area we got to see was under the surface in what is called the “world machine.” First we explored part of the surface near a giant dome to set some pieces in place and open up an entrance. Wolf-like mobs awaken as we came to close and then hunted us down. Our key sword helped, but they can become relentless over time. Moving through the map and slipping off of a ledge may have you fall into a circle of mobs underneath.

The combat of the game is fun, but the team wants to keep the heavy exploration and puzzle aspects at the forefront. Opening the dome was like trying to solve a giant Rubric’s Cube, but don’t worry, Hob has a lot of hints along the way. Once we opened the dome, it was down into the world machine we went. Following the paths and solving the puzzles as you go is a great way to pace yourself through Hob. There is no rush in this game, it is not a sprint by any means. The team has done an amazing job of pushing the imagination and problem solving of the player rather than just button mashing.

Hob’s progression system is something we talked about as well. You’ll be able to upgrade your gauntlet with abilities as you go and your sword. The gauntlet has a lot of options like shield, warping, punching your foes, or even used as a grappling hook. Jumping from one ledge to another was not easy, but the gauntlet helping you make the leap is great to watch onscreen and landing it well is all part of the fun.

The biggest thing with Hob is having to wait for it to launch. The game will be out on PC and PS4. The build we saw was on the PS4 so the team is making some fantastic updates for the new system. It is only a matter of time, but Hob is proving to be well worth the wait for RPG and puzzle game fans. We will keep following the title and are looking forward to launch like all of you. 


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