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Path of Exile Synthesis League First Impressions

David Holmes Posted:
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The latest in Path of Exile’s significant updates has gone live just recently with the Synthesis League. It brings a host of adjustments to current skills, new skills and changes to the passive tree. The namesake of this League brings the player a chance to find lost memories of Cavas with a chance at rare loot at the end of that tunnel. We’re a week into the new expansion, and it’s time to see how it's doing.


A new league has hit, so it's time for a new build. Just like last league a ton of builds are viable, but now you add into the mix the new skills and changes brought to the passive tree and the options open up even more. Bane brings with it a chance to be a powerhouse for all the curses it can support along with how Soul Rend works. Check here if you want to check out the full list of patch notes that describes all the changes and new skills brought to us for the Synthesis League. If you’re new to Path of Exile or unsure of a build you may want to start the League with; I highly recommend checking out Zizaran or ZiggyD. They put out some excellent content for new and old players alike.

The biggest thing Synthesis Leagues brings to the table is having Betrayal as a core game mechanic and Synthesis itself. This means you’ll still be encountering Jun and dealing with those folks you’ve come to know and love and hate from the last league still, but not as much as you may have before. The namesake of the League brings new challenges and of course new kinds of loot. You’ll find fragments of Cavas’s memories scattered over Wraecalst which can help you unlock more and go deeper into their past. This can bring with it more loot obviously but it can also net you Fractured Items. This gear will have Mods locked in place that you can use as is or take them to the Synthesiser which will break down the items to create base items with custom Implicit mods. So yes, more crafting with some RNG involved to get even better gear. The Shaper isn’t going to just roll over and let you kill him, but these new items can help.

While not a new mechanic to Path of Exile, with this League we are introduced to even more hideouts opening up even more ways for you to design your own personal hell..er home.. yes home. Two of these new hideouts are available through the new supporter packs and look pretty fancy.

A week in and personally I’m having fun with this new League. It’s hard to compare it to the last League which brought so many different things to bear, but right now Synthesis is a solid addition to Path of Exile. Whether you play in Hardcore or Normal Synthesis offers new challenges and new builds thanks to the addition of new skills and changes in the passive tree. Hopefully this League I actually finish off Shaper. Maybe. And remember, try not to die as much as Zizaran or JP.


David Holmes