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Origin Crisis Revealed

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DC Universe revealed some hidden gems at GDC. We can finally talk about them this morning and cannot wait to show you what they have in store.

DLC 7 has been called the Origin Crisis and will be taking players on a time traveling dimensional journey. If you want to look at the storyline, DLC 2 “Lightning Strikes” becomes the effect and DLC 7 “Origin Crisis” is the cause. Players will be going through the story backwards to find out what happened with Brainiac and Lex Luther.

During GDC, we sat down with Jens Andersen to go over all of the material for DLC 7. With time travel, alternate dimensions and Quantum Powers, it is no wonder DC Universe has something major planned.

The storyline is very important to the DC Universe folks for DLC 7. They have a lot of twists and turns for players to explore. You may find yourself on either side of the conflict in the time war. Lex Luther and Batman serve as the puppet masters for the expansion. The team also is planning to explore some of the darker aspects of Batman and other heroes to really give the player some puzzles to solve. They want the paradoxes to stand out and players will be allowed to join forces with Batman in different dimensions where he is not the good guy.

The focus of the DLC is that players will be searching for artifacts to help preserve the normal reality that everyone lives in. An example of one of these alternate realities has Lex Luther going back in time to steal the statue of Wonder Woman so she could never come into being. Another example the team revealed was the mix up at Crime Alley for Batman. What if his parents were never killed? These are all riddles the players will be unraveling with DLC 7. They want players joining an alternate Gotham and Metropolis to see the effects of changing past events.

The expansion is heavily focused on content with lots of PvE to explore. Obviously with a storyline this strong, it is easy to get caught up in the action. However, there is another major update that Jens Andersen could not wait to tell us about: Quantum Powers.

There are two trees with this skill system. Time and Space serve as the basis for abilities that players will have access to. The Quantum Powers reflect the expansion perfectly with gravity manipulation, time stops, and teleports. You will also be able to go into the future and steal abilities to bring back to the present. The system is very strong and players have a lot to be excited about.  Jens explained the powers as kind of a Dr. Manhattan style from the Watchmen series.

We also got to talk to Jens about his panel for GDC on DC Universe. He was excited to talk about how to approach the DC stories in an MMO and how to make the players feel relevant next to major heroes like Batman and Superman. Working with DC there is so much content but also a very high expectation among fans.

Another area Jens spoke about was some of the mistakes the team had made in the past. He mentioned DLC 4 as being a misstep in PvP. The ideas were sound but the way they implemented them at the time was a poor choice by the team. They have since adapted and moved on. Jens explained that learning from their mistakes was very valuable for the team and every DLC continues to get better as they move forward.

DC Universe remains a solid MMO for hardcore players and comic fans. There is tons of content and the action-combat keeps players in a fast paced game with all their favorite heroes. The level of material to work with is endless and the team continues to drive storylines that make players think.

We were very pleased with what we saw of DLC 7 and are excited to experience the changes in plot lines that will impact the game over all. For those who have not tried it, the game packs a punch. For veteran players, know that the team continues to work on solid updates and expansions.

Thanks to Jens for taking time, we’re looking forward to DLC 7 when it hits live. 

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