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Of Leaderboards and Shadow Worlds

William Murphy Posted:
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As we near closer and closer to the launch date of Trove’s Mantle of Power update, we’ve been talking with Trion’s Andrew Krausnick about all the different features coming to the game. Now, sneakily, the Trion folks put in the Leaderboards’ first incarnation just this week. We got a look at how those will work, plus a sneak peek at the never before seen Shadow Worlds – Trove’s hardest content yet.

The leaderboards are like any form of leaderboard you’ve seen in other games… but uniquely Trovian. There are tons of categories in which to compete, from block smashed to arena matches won, even the top players of the Shadow Tower shine here. The Shadow Tower is also one of the best ways to show off your prowess.  As of the Leaderboards’ addition to the game, the top 100 players in Shadow Tower’s Daughter of the Moon Hard dungeon will have their name displayed in purple for all to see in the open world.

You might be saying “How will I ever catch up to the players who are always at the top?” And that’s a legitimate question, and why Trove will have weekly leaderboard contests as well. In the contests, everyone starts at square one and has a week to try and be the best at whatever the goal may be. Those players in the top ranks will all get rewards. They’ll be pretty big rewards too – from exclusive gear to cosmetic items, or even cash shop items for free.

Enter the Shadow World

Next week we’ll be touching on the Gems, a brand new sort of loot and character enhancement coming with the Mantle of Power. There are three different types of gems: water, fire, and air. These match the other new types of worlds coming into the game – worlds where water covers the surface, worlds where lava and fire are everywhere, and worlds where you’re flying high in the sky. You get the different gems in each world, but it’s all part of how you’ll power up and unlock the hardest worlds Trove has ever known – The Shadow World.

Most worlds in Trove are kind of chill. You explore, build, collect, complete quests. The Shadow World is not like that.  If you’ve been playing Trove you know what Invasions are all about. Like Rift’s own invasions, or Defiance’s arkfalls, these are big swirly vortexes that rain down destruction and enemies on the world.  Well, the Shadow World is like one big giant invasion world. Here, monsters are super hostile, invasions happen frequently, and there’s not really any time to just poke around and relax. You enter the Shadow World with one purpose – clear the shadow coliseum and loot its chest. The kicker? The chests at the end of the coliseums can only be unlocked with keys you’ve obtained in other parts of the Trove universe, like the aforementioned water, fire, and air worlds.  You can go in solo, if you have a death wish or are pretty highly geared, but the Shadow Worlds are intended as group content so it’s best to bring your friends.

Next week we’ll finally pull back the curtain on the gem system, and then the update itself is just right around the corner. Stay tuned next week to learn about how you’ll truly progress your characters to the new level cap of 30 and beyond.

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