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Obsidian & Paradox to Bring Tyranny to the World

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Last night at the Paradox press conference the team displayed their latest foray into the RPG category. Tyranny was eagerly awaited by the crowd as it is the first RPG to be announced after the huge success of Pillars of Eternity. The game is every dark fantasy fan’s dream building up a world where evil has won over the landscape and now destruction reigns.

It is very early days on Tyranny, but the game looks fantastic and keeps to the classic isometric RPG style from Pillars of Eternity. It also has an deep narrative which thrives on tough decisions for the player over the course of the game. These two elements alone made us sit up in our seats and take notice. 

Deeper gameplay elements were not shared with the crowd, but wee at least have screens from the game and a brief overview of story. Tyranny takes place in a shattered kingdom where the evil overlord Kyros has dominion over all. You can choose to either serve or disobey this dark master and shape the world in a new age or destroy it by doing his bidding. It takes the concept of evil and brings the player into the world where heroic decisions may not be the best game choice you can make.

This type of reverse gameplay has been tried before and to some success. It is great to try and play the anti-hero or straight up villain in a game where choices matter and the story follows along. The thing that Tyranny offers is a very deep world with events that will unfold based on the choices you make. However since this is the very first time it is announced Paradox and Obsidian are holding their cards for now on just how the game plays. 

Overall the game sounds like it's going to be a dark sort of fun. We loved the change in story concept and giving the player tough choices to make is one of the hallmarks of a great RPG. We will bring you much more coverage on Tyranny as Obsidian and Paradox move forward with the game. For now, enjoy the early screens and know that the game is set for release sometime this year. 


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