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Ntroy Introducing the World to Phoenix Dynasty 2 (SPONSORED)

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Ntroy has announced the opening of Phoenix Dynasty 2, a game that has launched on four continents. Phoenix Dynasty 2 is an old school MMO that provides players with the features they most look for in a modern MMO experience.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 prides itself on giving players the things that many are missing in today's age: Endless nights of boss killing sprees; old-school friendships formed in battle; content that hearkens back to a bygone era. 

When playing Phoenix Dynasty, there is a lot to do too including:

  • Castle and Village Wars on weekends
  • level-appropriate dungeons
  • Caravan Raids
  • 24/7 open PK maps
  • player market stalls and caravan trading
  • free Auto-Bot and Auto-Direction Systems
  • craftable wings that can be improved over time
  • Monday dynasty Labyrinth Wars
  • Tiger vs Dragon Event that lets players take part in a unique PvP map
  • NEVER pay-to-win
  • gold earned is the most important currency

Ntroy is so excited about the launch of Phoenix Dynasty 2 that it is sponsoring a special Gleam giveaway for a $1,000 Amazon gift card and other prizes including smaller-denomination Amazon gift cards, PayPal gift cards, Steam Wallet codes and G2A gift cards.

You can download Phoenix Dynasty 2 via Steam or by visiting its official site.


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