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Recently, we sat down with the folks at Global Agenda to talk about the upcoming expansion and some of the baddies you will be fighting it out with. We have several previews of the expansion coming in the next few weeks but wanted to start by talking about some of the boss NPCs that are in the game. Global Agenda continues to be a top PvP game but is also looking to expand its PvE game elements..

The first boss we got a look at was the Switch Blade who uses blades to strike down the teams. The Switch Blade can perform spin attacks as well as create a vortex to suck players in and chop them to bits. As a tip for players, the boss has a weak spot after the vortex and whirlwind so that is when you want to let guns fly and try to take down the nasty chopper. This fight was added to give players some PvE fun in Global Agenda, something the team has been working on based on fan feedback from the community.

The next boss that was shown to us is the Think Tank. The Think Tank is a scientist who works in a lab with loads of pets. She is a cyborg who commands a large number of robots and pets that attack players and protect her. They have all sorts of attack capabilities and also can use shields to keep the Think Tank working. One of the things players have to do is make sure they keep the repair bots away. If too many repair bots enter the encounter, the players will be fighting the pets for a long time and never get near the Think Tank. This boss fight offers players crowd control tactics when facing off against this mad scientist.

The next boss NPC we got a preview of was The Reaper. This boss looks more like an octopus than anything else and reaches out with some nasty tentacles. This floating robot detects players and sucks their energy into its power cell. Once the power cell fills up he can do an AOE blast that impacts all players. The Global Agenda team stressed the importance of team play in this fight along with all the other scenarios. It is here that players will be able to truly shine with their team mates in taking down the bosses.

The last fight we got a chance to check out was with the Dune Commander. The team explained that he is still a work in progress but from what we saw the work is definitely moving in the right direction. The cinematic when he arrives on the scene is awesome. He is rag tag and fights outside in the desert sands. The Dune Commander plays an important part in the story outside the city in the desert wastes. There will be some more lore released that defines the character and the outside world. For now players need to worry about fighting him and he can be very tough indeed, again team play is critical in these battles.

Overall the Global Agenda community has been very active and Hi-Rez Studios is responding. Not only are the boss fights coming for players. The studio is also adding in 4v4 scenarios, bit maps, and new devices for characters. The studio continues to grow and Global Agenda has a solid audience of players who keep battling it out. With the addition of these NPCs and the upcoming articles we have coming on the content updates and materials, you have plenty of Global Agenda news to look forward too.


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