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Notmycar is a Battle Royale for Auto Assault Fans

William Murphy Posted:
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While it began quietly doing some testing earlier this year, it seems the folks at Skybound and NMC Studios are ready to tear the roof off their own particular take on the Battle Royale genre. Notmycar is going to be a perfect hybrid of Battle Royale and car combat games like the ill-fated Auto Assault, with a Closed Beta “Test Drive” kicking off this weekend on December 8th.

You can sign up for the beta weekend at notmycar.com, and you’ll know by the 7th if you’ve been chosen to participate. Later on, the game will be available on Steam, though the studio isn’t quite saying whether it’ll be F2P or B2P at this point in time.

But enough about that... what exactly is it all about? Take a look at the teaser trailer below.

I’ve said in other articles many times just how much I loved Auto Assault, warts and all. It was such a unique way to play an MMORPG, even if it was basically World of Warcraft in cars. I still believe a more current-gen take on that game, with less focus on mindless questing and more focus on Mad Max-esque storytelling and PVP could be a surprise hit. But I digress, as notmycar is all about the Battle Royale.

You and several dozen other cars are dropped into the map with wings on your back, and from there it’s pretty much Battle Royale as you know it... except with massive car mounted guns, missiles, and loads of fast driving and jumping off terrain and across rooftops.

If you’ve played games like Crossout, the action will be familiar. If you tip over in NMC though, you’re given the courtesy of being auto-flipped over. The devs want you to lose to players, not physics, since so much of the game is about being all over the map, flying through the air, and so forth.

The battlefield is littered with tons of weapons, items, and gear upgrades to outfit your car with, as well as obstacles to use to your advantage, and there are even ways to sneak up on unsuspecting players if you’d prefer to go the stealth route. Though, from what I could tell, it’s far more exciting to just rip around like a bat out of hell and rain down minigun fire on everyone around you.

Your car is fully customizable, and tons of different body models and add-ons will be available to be earned or purchased, though details on all the monetization is still to come. Bottom line, if you like Battle Royale, and you miss Auto Assault, you’re going to find a good time with notmycar. Be sure to sign up for the beta this weekend, and check it out on Steam.


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