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Next Chapter Sails Off to the Summerset Isles

Matthew Keith Posted:
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Today Bethesda announced the next chapter in their MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online. Titled Summerset, this next chapter in your adventure in Tamriel will see you landing on the famed Summerset Isle, the incredible  home of the High Elves. For the first time since the release of Elder Scrolls Arena (originally released in 1994), players will be able to explore and adventure in this new zone. The expansie new experience will also bring with it a host of new features for new and veteran players alike and will be releasing June 5th, 2018 on Mac/PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

With this new chapter comes a host of new features. Highlighted in the announcement are:

  • A new zone in the form of the Summerset Isle which will be larger than last years new zone Vvardenfell
  • A climatic finish to the Daedric story arc that began in 2015 Orsinium DLC release
  • A new skill line that can be learned from the Psijic Order, a new joinable order. This new skill line will give players power over time itself. THe Psijic Order will not only be a joinable order but will also introduce players for the first time to their home city of Artaeum.
  • JewelCrafting will offer crafters the opportunity to create precious and powerful gear for their characters
  • New Group PVE Challenges will offer players an opportunity to join together to complete new 12 player trials explore new delves and conquer new bosses

Bethesda also announced that Summerset will be accessible to new and veteran players alike. For new players you will not need to complete existing content and will be introduced to a new tutorial and starting area. For returning players that upgrade you can carry on with your existing characters or if you prefer roll a new character and see all that Summerset has to offer.

As a lead up to the release of Elder Scroll Online: Summerset, Bethesda is offering a free to play week for all interested adventures which starts today on Mac/PC and PS4 and tomorrow on Xbox One. Players trying out the game will have access to all of the content of the base game until March 27th. For more information and get in on this week of Free to Play check out their Bethesda’s official post

Finally the game will offer a host of Pre-Order bonuses including a head start that will begin on May 25st for PC players only. For those beginning their journey in ESO a pre purchase of the new Summerset Chapter will gain you instant access to the existing content of the game. For a full set of details on pre-order bonuses be sure to head over to pre-order page. The newest chapter in the Elder Scroll Online Saga will be available on all supported platforms June 5th, 2018. Be sure to check out the trailers below and also read up on our articles on this fantastic MMO.


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