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New Stellar Loot and a Tease of Gems to Come

William Murphy Posted:
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We’re counting down the weeks until Trove’s big Mantle of Power update by taking quick looks at each of the new features coming with the expansion when it drops. Today, it’s all about the new tier of gear known simply as Stellar.  Read on for the full details and a tease of the Gem System which we’ll be exploring in the next couple of weeks as well.

This week’s update might be a short and sweet look at what’s basically a brand new tier of gear for people to chase down and upgrade, but it’s worth it.  If you’re not playing Trove heavily or need a reminder, the voxel MMORPG uses a gear system similar to what you find in other games, only you can harvest resources from found items to upgrade existing gear from the most basic quality all the way up to the highest (formerly Radiant, now Stellar).

Recent patches introduced the Radiant items, and while all item slots can be upgraded or randomly found to be Radiant, only the weapons came with the special Radiant particle effects. Your guns could shoot flames; spears could shoot water, and so forth. With the new Stellar tier of items, hats will be coming with their own special effects now too. Creative Director Andrew Krausnick showed off a few to me while we loitered around the PTS – one has your head on fire, another has cartoon hearts pulsating; another might have the sun and moon orbiting around your little noggin. It’s all very cool looking and very in tune with the game’s lighthearted atmosphere.

Like all items, as soon as you unlock the skin, it’s yours to use on whatever item you want, but getting your first stellar items might be hard unless you get lucky with drops. It’ll take several pieces of radiant gear to combine up into just one stellar item. And as most Trove players know, Radiant isn’t exactly easy to come by now either. But, along with the new level cap increase, soon-to-be-detailed gem system, and new worlds the stellar gear hunt is part of expanding the end-game for Trove’s veterans. It gives them new things to chase after and accomplish.  And of course, stellar item stats are a significant upgrade in stats to the current top end radiant items.

Soon, we’ll be exploring the most eagerly awaited new feature in Mantle of Power – the new gem system. These new items will augment your class’ abilities to make them do entirely different things across the game’s many skills and classes.   For now, how about a teaser?  These are just some of the things found and crafted gems will be able to make happen:

  • Killing blows will trigger damaging explosions
  • Chance on kill to gain a damaging aura and increased movement speed.
  • Increased critical chance against stunned or frozen enemies
  • If you haven't taken damage in some time you gain a shield
  • Attacks poison enemies, dealing a small amount of damage over time

Be sure to log into Trove between now and March 7th to take advantage of a multitude of daily rewards and bonuses and to make sure your name is kept in case you’ve been inactive for several months. The Trion folks are doing a name reservation clearance on old unused accounts, so if you want to keep your name and get free stuff be sure to check in and collect your rewards. Oh, and don’t forget to grab your Murphataur mount right here, as we just got 20,000 more to give away.!


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