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Mechari Aren’t Your Average Robots

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Of all the races in the Dominion the Mechari have a very close connection to the Eldan. It was the Eldan who made the Mechari which is why they never give out their date of origin.  Chad Moore, Wildstar’s Lore Guru, had a lot to say about the Mechari and their interesting past.

The Mechari were created by the Eldan to serve as soldiers and workers. If anything they hold the most secrets of any race heading to planet Nexus. Because the Eldan had left their legacy to the Cassians and the Mechari remain long after the Eldan had gone this union is an easy one to put together. In any sci-fi game a robot race is almost needed and Chad agrees that the Mechari bring an interesting angle to the Dominion.

The story that surrounds them really brings a player closest to the ancient mysteries of Nexus. For players who like to go deeper into the lore of the game perhaps the Mechari will make a strong choice. As a race they are very tough making them perfect warriors or stalkers. But it is the mystery of their creation that Chad really enjoys working on.

In terms of their alliance to the Dominion the relationship still does remain shaky at best. In the Dominion, the Draken being so brutal and savage along with the Mechari being more precise and focused all working with the Cassians does make for a very interesting relationship. At first glance the Mechari may seem one dimensional because they are robots, however this is far from true due to their ties to the ancient world.

The answers on Nexus for the Mechari could change the destiny of their race, a prospect that Chad really found interesting about the race. Imagine searching for your creator for an eternity only to find the planet without them on it. This is the true mystery of the Mechari.

One of the best aspects that Wildstar can do with this race is customization. Being able to design the look of your robot will be truly important so lets hope some great options are there for players. Of all the races in the Dominion, this one definitely holds interest for me. Let’s see what the Mechari have in store as we get closer to launch.


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