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MapleStory: Pathfinder Preview

Ralph Whitmore Posted:
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MapleStory’s Pathfinder class releases on June 26th, and we got a chance to get a hands-on preview of the Pathfinder and try it out.

Firstly, Pathfinder is fun and has some good mobbing attacks. Pathfinder uses an ancient bow to attack its foe's ancient force magically. Pathfinders have three types of skills. Each skill type has a different effect. Cardinal Force attacks charge the relic gauge and sets what kind of emblem it uses. The other type is called Ancient Force attacks, which will consume the Relic Gauge. The last sort of skill is Enchant Force, which you'll get by the 4th job advancement. This attack characteristics are determined by the type of emblem that is set in your Relic Gauge. I found the way Pathfinders skills are used in combination to make for an exciting and fun time.

Along with the Pathfinder, we got to try out the new theme dungeon, Elodin. You must find out the cause of the screeching and noises coming from the area. It is a quest that will have you laughing if you've ever dealt with what's going on in that dungeon. As well as trying Elodin, we got to experience Adventure Island. There as so many activities to do on Adventure Island. In the Adventure Canteen, you can earn exp and adventure coins if you are at least level 105 and possess the right adventure dining chair. It's an excellent way to earn passive exp and adventure coins.

Other events on Adventure Island are Adventure Prep, The Legends Return, Monsteropoly, Maplerunner and many more. The Adventure Coins you earn can be spent on things like Books of Mastery or Chaos Scrolls as well as many other items.

The Pathfinder update will bring with it many changes, including some class revamps. You can check to find out more information here.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on PC with a code provided by PR.


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