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MapleStory Hoyoung Class Initial Impressions

Ralph Whitmore Posted:
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With the Black Mage finally defeated, the Glory update follows the aftermath of the event. We got to hop in and experience the new class, Hoyoung, coming to MapleStory today, December 4th. Hoyoung is of a race called Anima and uses a fan and tassels for his magical attacks. From the background story of the character he released a bunch of monsters into the world and is now tasked with recollecting them all.

The Hoyoung has a good array of skills that allow one to cover attacking enemies on a map thoroughly. As a Hoyoung you can leave a giant spiritual tiger on one side of the map while you and your clones attack the other side. The Hoyoung class uses its fan attack to build up the energy needed to use other skills such as the clone skill. I really enjoyed my time playing the Hoyoung. I know I’ve said before that the Kaiser is my favorite class, but Hoyoung might just take that spot now.

One reason why the Hoyoung might take the spot is its ability to navigate the map. The Hoyoung has a portal skill that allows it to open portals on whichever map I was in. With them I could just warp to whichever side had the most enemies for me to fight. The abilities that will stick around after using them makes Hoyoung a very close new favorite. Kaiser abilities don’t have as much of remote function as this Hoyoung. The only class that I recall having a similar portal ability is Mechanic and that was first favorite class. Mecha’s, I just love them.

The only other reason it's taking my top spot is animal ears and tails. It is pretty much why Kaiser immediately took the place of Mechanic. Kaiser has horns and tail, and well dragon power. Now what made the play time fun with the Hoyoung is it's a new class. MapleStory always does a great job of making each class different with different mechanics. When a new one comes along it is always fun hopping in playing it and figuring out how it works. Just figuring out the skills do and what the characters story was made the play time very enjoyable. If you have the character slots and you haven’t tried other classes, let Hoyoung one of the classes to try. You get a nimbus cloud ability. Go! Live your MapleStory Goku dreams.

The Hoyoung releases today! I know I am looking forward to getting in and making my own. The Glory update events have already started and run all the way until January 28, 2020. That is plenty of time to get in on the fun. Happy Mapling.


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