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Magic The Gathering Arena - Ilharg, the Raze Boar Exclusive Reveal

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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As fans of all things fantasy and gaming we love covering games that sometimes come in outside our comfort zone. Magic The Gathering has a rich 25 year history among passionate fans. It has taken on many forms and influenced the creation of the Collectible Card Game like nothing else. In short, it is a masterpiece of gaming. As MMO and RPG players we have all tried Magic before. Now with Magic The Gathering Arena fans are finally able to meet each other online and play in some of the top tournaments around the globe. It has been Magic’s much needed launch into the online space and we could not be happier. So with that we have an amazing exclusive for you!

Please let me introduce you to Ilharg, the Raze Boar!

We are happy to reveal this card to the Magic The Gathering community as a full exclusive at MMORPG.com For fans who play Red, we are sure you will like this one. The Boar God offers you the Trample ability which gets damage through any smaller blocking creatures, but that is not all.

Ilharg also brings friends and allows you to play another creature on the attack right away. So, depending on your deck, he truly brings the pain with big hits. The creature goes back to your hand after the End, which in many ways is an advantage. This forces your opponent to try and get rid of Ilharg as fast as humanly possible before more damage comes tumbling their way.

That is not all, being a god, Ilharg returns after being killed or exiled. He gets a third spot in the library and if the game drags on a few more turns will hit the battlefield again allowing you to set up for a massive finish.

Here is what he looks like:

We know everyone seeing this card has played Magic and gets it, but if you have not, now is the perfect time to pick up MTG Arena and get playing quickly. With their esports scene taking off and tournaments happening all over it is a great time to play. For now bask in the glory that is Ilharg and look forward to trampling your enemies.


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