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Looterkings - Nothing Beats a Goblin Pretty Princess

Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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LOOTERKINGS is a progressive dungeon crawler jam packed with action, humor and loads of shiny loot to click on! Named after its Cologne, Germany based Indie development creators this game invites you into a world of caves where you are a wretched, funny and ghastly goblin!

Launching on Steam August 16th  this hilarious game should definitely be played with sound on. It gives you God skills, weapons, armor, helmets and mission cards to claim as well as achievements. Staying alive is definitely key, sweeping every room of every chest, box and mushroom then spending wisely on the store to equip your goblin so you survive every biome.

There are currently 5 biomes

  1. Goblin Mines
  2. Ancestral Graves
  3. Sewerage
  4. Old Prison
  5. The Smithy

You can play with up to three friends or solo and Looterkings has been developed with a Twitch mode fully intact allowing streamers to let their audience participate when they engage on boss fights changing the Twitch overlay. Via word prompts in your chat the audience get to randomly choose buffs or debuffs that include extra loot, weapons, equipment, transforming your goblin into a screamer and other things. To encourage even more excitement the first person to correctly guess word prompts required is displayed on the stream.

A Kiwi bird's eye view of Looterkings

Three of four modes are currently available including Twitch mode, normal and of course I’m taking easy mode all day, every day (which means no permadeath) because I want to get as far as possible. Let me tell you, I get smoked like a Cuban cigar because I’m a shiny addict! I must click on anything and everything shining distracting me from staying alive!

The UI is user friendly, fairly straightforward though I would like my health bar to be more prominent as I’m blinking rapidly smashing everything in the way! Adore the Goblin skin choices you start with but you do not get to choose your weapon at first sometimes which is a little on the down side, though you do get to buy it when you get enough gold.

Speaking of gold. It takes clearing a few rooms to really get enough to buy anything so patience may be required at first because although this game is cute as slimey pie you must be on top of your “take no punches” and eat shiny mushrooms game to dominate! I did hop into other groups at the lobby and others jumped into games I hosted which was fun after initial confusion but the most enjoyment I had was duoing.

Something a little odd having logged in before launch and after. I can’t really tell the difference between each time in game, on Steam or via social media which is different for a launched game. If I wasn’t writing this I am unsure I would know Looterkings had launched. I also haven’t been able to host a game yet smoothly (relog!) or join a group with my partner in crime to enjoy duo play without error (relog again!) so here’s hoping there's fixes coming soon to tidy up this fantastically fun game because let's be honest. Everyone needs to, once in their lifetime, make your goblin a pretty princess!

On a scale of one to ten, how much do you love Goblins? Let us know below and jump into this game to have a gold blast especially right now at 25% off!


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