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Location Preview - The Shadowy Forest

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Behind the vampire frontlines encroaching on Harbaburesti and its besieged farmlands there is a shadowy forest of myth and legend. Deep and dark, these woods are the home of fairytales. It is where the Iele sings her alluring song and the Padurii feast on the gullible; where the faun-folk bless the trees and the Mosul is the keeper of stories.

This forest used to be a sanctuary for the creatures that were all but forgotten. It was a safe haven where people believed in- and worshipped them, and the one place where the magical and the mundane would live hand in hand in relative peace and understanding.

But all of that changed when the vampires broke the age-old truce and came back out of the night.

Now the fairytales have turned into horror tales, and the forest’s indigenous population has either turned mad or fled.

Players enter this wasteland just after the arrival of the Draculesti, a clan of vampire slayers begat in the days of Vlad Dracul.

Led by their king, Milosh, and his daughter, Emilia, the Draculesti have returned with the vampires to fulfill their destiny and fight the same war their ancestors fought over five hundred years ago. They have come to banish Mara, the vampire queen, once and for all – and they could certainly use all the help they can get.

From the small camp, players will move out into the darkness that surrounds it in an attempt to bring it to an end, and in their adventures they will face all the challenges and obstacles left in their path by both the past and the present.

They will search the ruins of Dracula’s village and look for his hidden tomb. They will learn the secrets of his fate through the wisdom of the Seer, Anastasia, and her magical wagon, and they will see a dragon’s prophecies fulfilled.

At the very edge of the forest they will encounter a girl lost in a wrecked car, frightened to apathy by what she’s witnessed and carrying a terrifying cargo.

Underneath the fairy trees they will battle the Filth-infected creatures of myth and the ghosts of Dracula’s Knights.

Searching for truth they will dance to the tune of the Iele to purify the forests, and they will confront the murderous Padurii.

At the old crossroads they will listen to the tales of the Mosul, and they will fight to stop the imminent invasion of demons from the hell dimensions.

They will visit the overgrown remnants of the Soviet era and they will find a morbid sausage factory where ghouls are ground into food by a psychopath mother and her peculiar son.

They will hear of the time when the Romans first visited the region, and they will do whatever they can to convince an old eagle the world is still worth fighting for.

And if they play well, listen attentively and keep their wits about them, they will come out of the woods on the other side, where the tall, snow-clad peaks of the Carpathian Fangs gleam in the autumn sun and cast their long shadows over the lowlands.

And they will have learned what they need to know before they embark on the last chapter of their journey into the secret world.


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