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Location Preview – Blue Mountain

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What do we do when history repeats itself, and the terrors of the past return to haunt us? Do we cower in fear? Do we wish this fate upon others, and fail to face the enemy our ancestors so bravely fought? Do we repeat the mistakes of old?


Not the Chosen of Gaia. They strive to learn from history, to grow stronger every day and to overcome all challenges – To stand together despite their differences and fight for the future.

And the battle will come soon. At Blue Mountain the players will get their first great chance to deal a serious blow against the coming darkness.

Located on Solomon Island, just to the west of Kingsmouth, Blue Mountain is no stranger to titanic struggles. The players must discover the epic history of the area and learn about the desperate battle fought here long ago. This can only be done through the wisdom and talents of the local Wabanaki Indian tribe.

The modern age has taken a heavy toll on the tribe and on Blue Mountain. The ancient values are waning, forced aside by spreading greed, both from without and within. Nature’s balance has been disturbed. Digging has resumed on sacred ground, stirring the evil which sleeps beneath the mountain.

In these destructive times unspeakable monsters overrun the area. The gruesome draug roam the beaches, the cursed wendigo prowl the forests, the mighty golems rise from the ground, the cold ak’ab awaken and the ghosts of the past haunt the living.

The events in Blue Mountain have attracted many kinds of attention from several sectors. Some representatives from the US Army and government agencies are desperately trying to understand what has been unleashed here.

The players can assist them by collecting crucial samples of the Filth in the polluted marsh, infiltrating a well guarded corporate encampment by cleverly avoiding its defenses, or testing out the effectiveness of new and powerful weapons to keep the hordes of darkness at bay.

Cooperation with the Wabanaki however is most crucial to save Blue Mountain, but their problems run deep. In times of need they seek counsel from their ancestors through the powerful dreaming. But the ancestral spirits are being corrupted by the terrible ancient source of the rising evil, and their dreams are turned into nightmares.

The players must seek out and destroy malignant spirits and even enter the afterlife through a perilous ritual. This path they walk alone, and to finally cleanse the realm of the infecting Filth they must defeat a nightmarish horror at the center of it all.

But for the greatest test Blue Mountain has to offer, the players must join forces and work together. The powerful magic of the Wabanaki will let them relive old memories through a waking dream. Here they fight in the great war which ravaged Blue Mountain so long ago.

In the dream the players battle the ancient Mayans, as they have travelled far with a sinister purpose to overrun the Wabanaki. But the Wabanaki do not stand alone. Fierce Vikings have also ventured to this seemingly remote island to fight the invaders. Together with the defending forces the players must defeat the powerful Mayan foe, as they conspire to unleash a catastrophic doom upon the world.

By experiencing the history of the distant past the players learn the importance of the present. As they strive to understand the threat facing the earth, they gain all important insights into what needs to be done.

Blue Mountain is a nexus for the rising darkness. The Chosen of Gaia must face the threat here with all their might, just as it happened long ago. The balance must be restored and the evil driven away. The struggle will be hard, but giving up is not an option. For without success there will be no future at all. No future in which history can repeat itself once again.


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