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Living World Season 3 - Flashpoint & Its Anticipated Story

Alexander Wilkie Posted:
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Flashpoint, Guild Wars 2’s penultimate episode in Living World Season 3, brings with it some of the most highly anticipated story of the season to date. Players get to experience the wild a vibrant new map Draconis Mons, which is Guild Wars 2’s first ever fully underground zone. Draconis Mons sits beneath the molten core of the Ring of Fire, with both fertile jungle soil and barren, scorched rock. Don’t let the underground setting fool you though, this map is massive, with a plethora of nooks and crannies hiding all over the vast volcanic zone. Utilise old masteries and launch yourself through red hot Thermal Tubes, or wield the mighty and mysterious Oakheart’s Essence to reach unexplored areas and learn the story behind the volcanic landscape.

This episode will finally unlock the mystery that has dominated this season: just who is "Lazarus"? Previously, players discovered that an aspect needed to resurrect him was switched out, there is no possible way this could be him – he must be an imposter! At the same time, the fight against the Elder Dragons has renewed promise with Taimi forging a machine capable of stopping their rampage- or so she hopes. Now both storylines come to a head in "Flashpoint"; what will players find, and will they be able to stave off destruction in Tyria?

Today also sees the release of legendary armor, something that raids players have been clamoring for. This is the ultimate armor in all of Tyria, and players can change not only its look but also its abilities. With today's release of "Flashpoint," players will be able to complete the collection and legendary armor will be obtainable (and viewable in the wardrobe). To complete the collection, players will need to visit and interact with the only living thing remaining in the Bastion of the Penitent once the prison has been cleared. A blog post with further details on the new legendary armor can be found here.

In addition, there are several other tweaks and improvements to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns that will be bundled with today's launch, including the addition of a new legendary torch called "Flames of War." A full list of these changes can be seen here.

The release of "Flashpoint" arrives just after ArenaNet has permanently reduced the price of Heart of Thorns. All editions of the game have been lowered by $20 (USD) apiece; this means that the Standard Edition will now cost $29.99 (down from $49.99), the Digital Deluxe Edition is now $54.99 (down from $74.99), and the Ultimate Edition is now $79.99 (down from $99.99). These newly priced editions of Heart of Thorns can be purchased here.

Season 3 content is intended for level-80 characters. Every purchase of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns comes with a Level-80 Boost, which will boost one character to max level and get them equipped to enjoy all the content available in Guild Wars 2, including Season 3.

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Alexander Wilkie