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Latest Game Update is a Big'un!

Ripper X Posted:
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It's been a while since I stepped foot in Gloria Victis, with real life travels taking me to different lands, it was nice to venture back into this virtual gameworld and get some brand new updates directly from the Dev team themselves. To say there is a lot happening in Gloria Victis is an understatement, they are forging ahead with not only updates, but complete overhauls to systems that will indefinitely change the game for the better.

Let's start with the first major update, the game world. The game world itself has been increased twofold, and now offers many more areas to explore and eventually conquer. One of the main reasons for the expansion of the game world is to house the building system. The new building system which is going to be included in the next major update will allow players to build structures from the ground up and be able to claim new territory in that area as their own. Mines, Lumber Mills and other resources in the area can also be upgraded. NPCs will also harvest areas that you control and help gain resources for you. The starter towns will still be in the game but all other towns and cities will need to be built up by the players.

The dev team is also reworking the entire inventory system and the UI for the new update, with the common goal to make it more user friendly and accessible. The Guild system is also getting an overhaul, Guilds will be able to make alliances, declare war and take control of cities. Guild politics will definitely be a major part of the game because of this, with different alliances forming and areas of the map being contested.

Some smaller updates include the ability to kick opponents which will break their block. This will make PvP more dynamic and give players more strategy in battles. Shield Walls will still work but won't be as effective. Also, over 100 new enemies have been added to the gameworld, this includes Human Groups and various Animals.

They have also added passive skills, currently there are over 25 passive skills with each skill having 10 levels that players can utilize. This will give players the ability to focus on specific traits and should make characters much more versatile.

An Arena also has been implemented in the gameworld, which is a safe area where you can train or have competitive fights without losing any items. Players are able to teleport to the Arena at any time from the button on the right side of the screen below the mini-map.

With all the major updates coming to Gloria Victis, also comes a complete character wipe. So the next few weeks should be a very good time for new players to jump into the game and get a head start. The devs also mentioned Gloria Victis is coming to Steam in the next 1-2 months which will no doubt boost the player base and game world.


Ripper X