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Kobold City Concept Art

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MYTHIC ENTERTAINMENT SERVES UP SOME "CATACOMBS" CONCEPT ART Early Images Provide an Introduction to "Dark Age of Camelot's" Underground Kobold City

FAIRFAX, VA - AUGUST 12, 2004 - Mythic Entertainment today released concept art for their upcoming "Dark Age of Camelot" expansion, "Catacombs." The art focuses on the Kobolds, one of "Dark Age of Camelot's" underground races. The images include concept art for the evil Kobolds' structures, the Kobold main city, the forge, Kobold furniture, and Kobold mine carts. Detailed information on the art, and an introduction to the Kobolds, is included below.

About Kobold Concept Art Evil Kobold Camp - Like the other underground races in "Dark Age of Camelot," the Kobolds find themselves under siege by twisted versions of themselves, and their great underground city is in danger of being occupied. This art represents some of the structures these evil Kobolds build when they camp.

Kobold Cave - This is the hub of the recently-revealed Kobold city, situated in one massive cavern. It is one of the more ambitious "rooms" built yet for "Dark Age of Camelot," and an example of the many expansive underground areas that players can explore in "Catacombs."

Kobold Spire Entrance - This is the entrance to the town hall area of the Kobold city. Inside, players will find all of the merchants and guides they need to explore the world of "Catacombs."

Kobold Main Forge - The forge is where players will be able to bring a new, rare mineral from the Kobold mines that can be traded for special gameplay-enhancing objects.

Kobold Furniture - The "Catacombs" artists have made a concerted effort to give the underground Kobold society a distinctive look, and here you can see basic furniture concepts.

Kobold Mine Cart - In an interesting twist on the horse-route system used above-ground, Kobold mine carts will allow players to easily travel through the mine system of the Kobold world. In addition to providing new adventuring areas, the mines also connect the new "Catacombs" areas with existing dungeons. The mine carts can also provide safe passage through dangerous areas for lower-level players.


Craig McGregor