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Kingdom Under Fire II Spotlights Its Upcoming Ranger Class - Exclusive

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Kingdom Under Fire 2 is slated to finally come to the West in November, and leading up to that launch the team is starting to showcase some of the classes in the game. Check out the Ranger class coming to the RPG/RTS hybrid in our exclusive spotlight.

Excelling in dealing damage both up close and at range, the swift Ranger shows skill both with daggers and her bow. Swapping rapidly between the daggers and her bow to take down enemies as they come. The Ranger excels in single combat, losing some of her potency when taking on groups of enemies.

Swift might be an understatement, as the Ranger uses that speed and mobility to flow between each attack. Charging an arrow attack and rolling in to finish off a group of enemies with a dagger keeps the Ranger moving and dealing damage at every turn. Check out the video below for some of the Ranger's moves in action.

As far as the lore behind the Ranger class, Gameforge has shed some details on exactly what is motivating the Rangers in Kingdom Under Fire 2:

"While trying to revive the forest after invasion of enemy forces, the Elves discovered the Shards of Prophecy. Some of the elders gathered together and decided to track down the instigator of the prophecy. Chosen in secret, best Elven Rangers were entrusted with this holy mission and dispatched to various locations around the world. One of the Rangers covertly joined the Azilia Knights to gather intelligence."

You can check out the Ranger's backstory a bit more in the video below as well.


Kingdom Under Fire 2 is billed as an action-RPG with both MMO and RTS elements, blending the RPG and real-time strategy gameplay together. Players can take part in RTS-style combat while leveling up their heroes and troops like an MMO.  Players will be able to choose from different factions - such as the Human Alliance or the Dark Legion - and fight for control over Bersia. 



Originally supposed to come out in 2009, Kingdom Under Fire II is slated to arrive sometime in November, though no firm date has officially been announced as of this writing. 


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