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Kanpani Girls - Become the CEO of Your Own Company [SPONSORED]

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Not everyone wants to be the CEO of their own company, but that may change with Nutaku’s web-based RPG, Kanpani Girls.  In Kanpani Girls, you take the helm of an all-girl merc company and can hire employees, upgrade buildings, and take the fight to your adversaries with teams of up to five characters.

Kanpani Girls has several objectives for you to accomplish and activities to tackle.  You’ll want to pursue Quests to follow the game’s story and receive loot, and can take on Main, Daily, and Weekly metagame Missions to attain even more rewards.  You can also hire new Employees, which will comprise the party that you take out into the field for adventuring.

Combat in Kanpani Girls is fairly straightforward and mostly automated, except for special actions like your CEO Skill.  Employee roles come in several different types, from damage-dealing Rogues to magic-enabled Priestesses, and there’s a good amount of tactical variation and character progression.  You can easily configure your team’s combat composition and formation, and even set an Employee to do a Takeover of your company to power them up.

Once you reach a certain CEO level, you can upgrade several Facilities, which include your Headquarters, Equipment Development Lab, Material Storage Department, and PR Division.  Each has its own benefit to your company, ranging from the ability to increase your number of Employees, craft weapons and items, store more materials, and bring in more Resumes for new Employees.

Kanpani Girls is free-to-play, and uses a real money-based currency called Employee Stones to purchase items in the cash shop that include convenience items, cosmetics, and XP boosts.  There’s also a new feature called the War Room which is being teased as becoming available on November 16.

Kanpani Girls is available now from Nutaku’s web platform.


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