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Issue 11 - The Answers You've Been Waiting For

Suzie Ford Posted:
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The Orochi Tower story missions will have an eighteen hour cool down before players can start on the repeatable content. Completing the missions multiple times is critical so that players can earn some of the great new achievements that come along with Issue 11. For instance, there is an achievement for working through all twenty one floors. As keys drop random access to random floors, it will be necessary for achievement hunters to run the content more than once to gain the achievement.  But that repetition comes with its own reward in the form of an amazing amount of new clothing, full body suits, visors, cosmetic enhancements and more that players will receive on completing various achievements.

But getting those achievements might be harder than it at first appears so while randomness can be tricky, Funcom doesn’t want players to get frustrated by not getting the keys to the floors they are missing. There is a system in place that will allow players to choose which floor they see – an override system of sorts. It’s a community building system, in a sense, in the form of a tradeable item that is “key” to the success in overriding the default random drop, though what exactly the item is remains to be seen.

On reaching the Boardroom, players will be confronted by Samael Chandra, the CEO of Orochi Corporation who also happens to be Lilith’s husband. He is there to stop players from reaching the goal: The Penthouse. I won’t reveal any spoilers but suffice to say that there is a new, innovative mechanic that will take a lot of strategy to discover and implement in order to get to the final act in the story. This will be no easy fight so be prepared.

On reaching the Penthouse, players will learn the answers to many questions, learn a lot about what all of the game to this point means and, in a purely visual sense, see a great view of Tokyo. There will be several boss fights, lots of talk and a big event with the player going back to their factions for a very important debrief that will sport a HUGE cliffhanger to get players talking.

The events in Orochi Tower will have big consequences on gameplay and much more in the coming issues that will be teased in the coming months. Believe me when I tell you that completing this issue and facing the consequences of your earlier choices is well-worth doing. It’s about as awesome as it comes.

The Secret World has shown itself to be a durable and ever-improving game, no better illustrated than in Issue 11 and the culmination of the first chapter in the game’s story. The promise is there for much more to come so do yourself a favor and check out Issue 11 to see some outstanding story-crafting.

Will you be trying out Issue 11? What are you most looking forward to finding out at its end? Let us know in the comments.

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