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Introducting the iPhone App

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Many MMOs are starting to bring their games into other spaces. While forums have always been around for us players who were stuck at work all day and still want to engage in some kind of activity related to our game. Fallen Earth, however, is taking game play to a new level with its newly announced iPhone application. WoW has its Armory, but that is nothing compared to what the guys at Fallen Earth are doing with their application.

Icarus Studios is still deciding on a price for their app, but after seeing the demo, it will be worth the money for any player to download. In terms of functionality, it's simple and moves you quickly through its steps. The best part is that everything you do with the app, you do in game. No other MMO has anything like this and we were shocked by how much game play you could accomplish with this device. The iPhone app is already hooked into the live game when you launch it. You have access to your character, equipment, in game chat, auction house, crafting system, and even maps.

Starting with a look at the character icon, players will be able to view their gear, weapons, stats and backpack. Players can check everything from the overview of their skills and the levels to which they have advanced to the list of trade skills, and mutation paths. Being able to tweak skill numbers or work out gear combinations can all be done on your iPhone now. For players who cannot be in the game due to work or some other real life ordeal, this system comes in very handy for those who crunch the numbers. Getting through your character interface is very easy and a clear display gives you all the numbers you'll need to get you through that boring presentation at work.

If checking your character isn't enough, the social features of the Fallen Earth app are simply amazing. Imagine logging into game chat directly to the server and checking in with your faction or clan. This feature links you directly to in game real time chat and allows you to check in for the night's activities when you get home from work. The social features don't stop with chat though, there is also a link to the in game email service to send mail to other players at any time during the day. The feature provides you with a clan list and friends list so that you can check on other players' status.

If the character and social features were not enough, the crafting system on the app is really the gem allowing players full, real time access to the system. As long as you have the materials in your backpack you can craft. The crafting works like most MMOs however it does offer you an out if you make a mistake. The crafting system has a cancel button which allows you to stop the making of an item in mid craft. Not only is that feature great for the times that you click wrong on an item, but also the ability to craft all of your materials during the day without being logged into the game save a ton of time when you sit down to play at night.

The iPhone app also offers you full access to the auction house. Players can buy, sell, and trade anything they need during the day to get ready for those big fights at night. So not only can you craft your items during the day, you can put them on the auction house as well and sell them for money needed later on when you log in. Auction houses have become a staple in most MMOs but often take time away from the player the more directly engaging parts of the game.

The Fallen Earth team has really pushed the limit with this iPhone Application and it is the best we've seen yet in terms of MMOs. The team expects the application to come out sometime in the next few months as they iron out some of the features and the connection to their live servers.

From our standpoint here at MMORPG.com, we think it is something every MMO needs and Fallen Earth looks to be the first out of the gate with a fully functional way to access the game when not online. The only thing missing from this app is the ability to do PvP and PvE content. As a Fallen Earth player, the price would not even be an issue here, this is a must get for anyone who walks around in the game.


Garrett Fuller

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