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Introducing the Liberator - A Raid Healing Warrior

William Murphy Posted:
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For the first time since Storm Legion expanded the world of Telara, Rift is getting four brand new souls in the upcoming 2.7 patch. The update will be filled with expansion-level features that we’ll hear more about soon, but the coolest part we’ve heard so far is that the new souls will allow characters from every Calling (Mage, Warrior, Rogue, Cleric) to perform every role in the game.  We’re pleased to have the exclusive reveal of the first of these new souls: the Warrior’s own Liberator. If you’ve ever wanted to be a warrior that can raid heal… then this is your chance.

Masters of Metal and Mending

The Liberator’s back story has them hailing from the Plane of Earth. To take on the Clerical role of Raid Healing, they funnel restorative magic while bending magnetic fields to themselves and allies in the group. Their specific duty isn’t for merely keeping the tank alive, rather they specialize in high heals-per-second and sport fantastic group and area of effect healing. They’ll be found in the thick of things, right up in the face of their enemies, gleefully hacking away while tossing out shields to their friends. The Liberator isn't the kind of healer that stays back from the fray and avoids conflict. He still casts his spells from a distance, but isn't afraid to be in the middle of the fray either.

A Taste of the Liberator’s Lore

The Fortress of Fallen Stars was surrounded by a huge force of mounted Oathsworn. The entire army of the lion was shining in their resplendent armor and spotless white robes. They looked every bit the iconic heroes their propaganda painted them to be. Marvar hated each and every one of them.

Ganzorig stood atop the walls, posing with his sword, posturing, flinging it about like a child at play. But as the mage squinted, he could suddenly see what the warrior was doing. He had bound the trace of ley lines to his sword. The Bahmi manipulated them through sheer strength. Not strength of will, not through magical means. He just bent them with his muscles. Marvar was stunned.

The assassins who had climbed the wall to take out the Liberator were also stunned. Ganzorig folded and shook the magnetic fields surrounding his enemies until they were disoriented. The Bahmi warped them forcefully through the Oathsworn ranks, dispatching foes without laying a hand on their bodies. He flashed a smile at the cowering mage and turned to restore the Nightfall troops to health.

Marvar experienced a rare flash of admiration. "Can you teach me this art? I must understand it."

Ganzorig smiled at him. "Oh, no! Too puny and weak." Marvar's heart sank. "Plus is for happiness. You are quite jerk."

More on Rift’s Official Site Tomorrow

The full story of Ganzorig and Marvar will be on Rift’s Official Site tomorrow, along with further explanation of the Soul’s abilities and how it will all work together.  Stay tuned, as we’ll have more on each of the brand new souls in the coming weeks.

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