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Introducing Reign of Guilds - a First Person Medieval MMO in the Making (Sponsored)

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Reign of Guilds is an upcoming first-person MMORPG where players themselves are the story from their first minutes in the game. It incorporates many of the features hardcore MMORPG players have found lacking in the current MMO generation. So what is Reign of Guilds?

What Makes Reign of Guilds Unique?

So what is it that gives Reign of Guilds a unique space in the overcrowded MMORPG genre? It begins by placing players and the organizations they create into the center of the story. Without a prescribed storyline, players are unshackled from the level up process and a straight path to the mythical "end game". Players write the stories of Reign of Guilds through their exploits and can even become part of the "canon lore" as it is recorded on the official site.

Even more than that, however, Reign of Guilds will be bringing back hardcore mechanics and features that are sure to please players looking for a unique challenge in a magic-infused medieval setting.  A brief look at the features list offers a peek into the minds behind the game and throws down the virtual gauntlet in front of those who want more in their MMO.

We so often hear about players wanting non-tab targeting and open world PvP right from the first steps in the game world. Reign of Guilds has that one covered. There are penalties for dying and a full blown karma system and friendly fire is on. 

Players rank up by honing their skills in PvP, PvE, crafting or any combination of the three. Strength of a player's character is integral to the formation of guilds. As the Reign of Guilds name implies, the primary focus of the game is to conquer the enemy and gain control over territories where guilds can set tax rates, forge alliances or wage war on other guilds. Leadership can be under a tyrant or a benevolent ruler or through a council of Counts. Players decide how best to govern themselves and their territories.

PvP will take place in massive world events that will lead to territory control, but also on a smaller scale via team or solo PvP arenas. Players can take on the world as a bloodthirsty mercenary assassin for hire or as a solo tournament champion or open world killer.

Those more interested in PvE will have their place in Reign of Guilds too. Players who ascend to the highest ranks in crafting and handicrafts will be able to pick and choose among the elite guilds as they compete for allegiance. The ability to form the tools of war will be necessary and sought-after.

All players will have a chance at the best gear, but attaining it doesn't mean it will last forever. Items will age over time, eventually becoming unusable. However, new gear can be gained through gameplay and the "un-personal loot" system that brings a unique trading economy into the game. 

However players take on Reign of Guilds, it will be in their own unique way. Classes are not bound to roles. Rather, there are fourteen professions that can be ranked up through use and over time. 

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, developers believe that, since Reign of Guilds is literally written by the players, the community should have an integral spot at the "development table". Within reason, players will be able to vote for changes to the game, modifications, balancing and new features. Votes are gained through achievements earned in the game. The more someone plays, the more power in the vote they may have.

In short, Reign of Guilds is a game being made for players by players.

Want to know more? Head on over to the Reign of Guilds site to find out how to get involved in alpha testing and to check out the latest developer blogs.


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