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Inside the Ebonheart Pact Starter Area

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Back to the main story quests, it seems that each starter area will have quests that are different in content, but will include at least one similar type. In Daggerfall Covenant starting area there's a quest in that area requires you to loot a disguise and infiltrate a group of NPC enemies. In the case of Bleakrock, that's where Seyne comes in. She'll greet you and inform you that the corpse laying at your feet is the source of a brand new bandit disguise. There's a secret mine where suspected cultists in dark robes have been spotted, so you'll have to go incognito and get into that mine. While this game lacks general clothes looting off corpses, it does seem to be there for plot purposes.

Heading into the bandit camp, disguised, you'll need to be aware of a couple of things. Mousing over NPCs helps, since anyone that's outlined in yellow will be fooled by your disguise. So, that group of bandits over by the fire, seeming to be directly in your path to the mine? They're harmlessly making merry and won't bother with you. Those bandit sentries with torches pacing back and forth? You'll get a danger warning if they get too close. They will attack on sight and sometimes nearby NPCs will react and join in if they're close when the sentry attacks. If you're attacked, your cover will be blown and you'll have to loot another disguise from either a basket or a corpse. Eventually, once you do make it to the mines, you'll have to use a portal inside to enter Oblivion. Yes, there are references to other games in the series and other bits of lore throughout. Though none of that will hold weight if the rest of the pieces don't fall into place.

The Hozzin's Folly quest involved finding Eiman, who had been frozen in ice inside the cave by “The Frozen Man”, the source of the haunting. The reality of what happened in the quest to create the current state of the Frozen Man is actually both disturbing and a bit sad. Eiman is currently frozen, but the presence is a malevolent spirit. You'll have to search for clues to find out just what happened and how he came to be. Bring your best anti polar bear gear, since there are a ton of them in here, and there are also some tight cavern halls you'll be fighting inside.

The final person to find is Darj, and the rumors of Undead were true (did you expect different?). You find Darj outside the entrance and you will have to go to the Dragon Shrine to investigate what's going on. This quest is probably the longest of the three initial ones for most players, since you'll have to summon a spirit by burning incense at a specific spot first, who then tells you how to gain entrance to the shrine. Someone is defiling his corpse with unholy rituals, and you're playing cleanup. In exchange for killing the offender, you'll get in. After promising, he tells you to fetch runestones with symbols of animals, including snake and whale, and then slotting those into a special place down below. Once in place, the door is unlocked and you'll enter. You do find the culprit pretty soon, and put a quick end to him. Return to Darj, and all is in motion.

At this point, you have the option to look for as many villagers as you can. Finding them as you go and exploring the island throughout instead of trying to jump from quest to quest will be beneficial to you later. You have two choices at this point. Look for the missing villagers and find them all or return to Captain Rana and tell her to evacuate the city early due to the threat from the Covenant, who had contracted with the bandits. If you don't rescue at least some of the villagers (for example, Molla and her friends, Rana's three officers, Geilund, and others, then things could go worse for you during the closing mission of the chapter. I myself did not find every single villager due to time constraints (I had a bug that prevented play for more than a day), but my final mission went smoothly, so I figure I wasn't missing more than one or two.

That final mission involves lighting the emergency beacon on the hill, and climbing one of the stone towers again will take you right back to Skyrim experiences. Once lit, you return to chaos in the village. The Covenant has already invaded and set the place ablaze. Rana is evacuating people, but you must put out some fires and save a few more trapped by the invaders before all is set to go. Once done, you'll all take a passage underneath to the docks, where you and the refugees will be able to take passage away from Bleakrock. You've escaped, but your adventure is beginning. The mysterious Prophet from the tutorial has asked you to meet him in Morrowind, after all.

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