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Images From The Battlegrounds

Tom Fletcher Posted:
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Images From The Battlegrounds

The following images were taken from my experiences in the upcoming "Battlegrounds" patch that is currently on the World of Warcraft test server. The first set of 8 screenshots are from the Alterac battleground:

This shot shows the in-game stats for the current battleground you are in. Including total kills, deaths, killing blows as well as stats for strategic positions (Graveyards, Towers and Mines). This one shows the in-game map of the battlegrounds zone with Alliance in blue and the Horde in red. It shows who currently holds the strategic positions in the battlegrounds. Here you see the graveyard when dead where the Alliance Spirit Guide resurrects alliance players every 30 seconds to full health and mana. And this one shows the magical effect of being resurrected at the graveyard with several Alliance members re-spawning at the same time.
Here you see the central area of the battlegrounds with a Horde keep in the distance. This shot shows a mounted Alliance patrol. These two screen shots show the Horde being pushed back from one of the Alliance graveyards into their own territory (Unfortunately that rogue behind me in the last screenshot did manage to kill me).

The second battleground "Warsong Gulch" Is completely different to the Alterac battleground. It is actually a 10 vs. 10 game of Capture The Flag (CTF) which has proven to be a lot of fun. The following images were taken from there:

Here is a shot of the Alliance castle. This shows the middle of the battlegrounds with the Horde castle in the distance as well as one sneaky rogue who quickly died. Lastly, here you see the mighty gnome mage Venar racing down the main entrance of the Horde base carrying the Horde flag.

I hope you enjoyed these images! Look for the Battlegrounds patch coming to the World of Warcraft live servers very soon!


Tom Fletcher