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I’m a Wolf, I’m a Man – Greymane Hands-On

William Murphy Posted:
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BlizzCon brought with it tons of new announcements, and several new heroes for Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. Everyone was all a-tizzy about Cho’Gall (who wouldn’t want to try a 2-player hero?), but I wanted to give another one of the new heroes a try… the werewolf leader Greymane.

While Cho’Gall is both a melee warrior (Cho) and a mage (Gall), Greymane puts that duality at one single player’s command. By switching between his human and worgen forms, Greyman can go from ranged to melee assassin at will, but choosing when to leap into the fray is just as hard as choosing when to run away.

In his human form, Greymane is dangerous, but only from a distance. He doesn’t have high survivability, but he has a nasty potion he can lob out at foes that explodes and spreads like a Molotov cocktail. He also has the ability to up his speed for a period of time, in either form, though his actual skill selection is pretty limited because he’s more about knowing when and why to swap forms.

In worgen form, Greymane does an increased 40% damage to foes, but he’s still just as squishy. In lanes, especially early on, I was lingering in the back, playing defensive until I thought I could catch my opponent off guard. For this reason, he’s also a great hero for ambushes. I heard the opposing side of the LAN’s players audibly say “sh*t!” a few times as I came out of nowhere from behind with Greymane’s leaping and painful swipes with Razor Swipe. Inner beast increases the mobility in either form, while Disengage allowes Greymane to get out of dodge should things get to, er… hairy.

I can’t comment too much on his talents just yet, but Greymane will be in-game around the same time Cho’Gall goes live on November 17th, so we don’t have too much longer to wait. If you’re the kind of player who likes to wait for the exact moment to strike, the player who veers on the edge of too cautious, Greymane is probably for you. Because when those moments of opportunity do come, you can seriously wreck some fools, especially late game when you’ve got even more damage and mobility.

I’m still a Muradin fan for his sheer survival skills, but there’s something to be said for a hero that can swap roles so effortlessly all match long.


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