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HGI Games: E3 Preview

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We learn about three new games

HGI Games is a company coming out of Singapore that will be releasing three MMOs. Two of which are expected in to enter Beta within the next year and the third on the way. Each MMO has a very different flavor with different themes. The company has operators set up in several different cities in China to run the games once they are released. The operators also will handle the community, marketing, and business. The market expansion planned begins in China, with Taiwan and Hong Kong next.

The first game on the list is Immortals which will be going into open beta in June. The game follows ancient Chinese mythology and builds a world where Demons, Gods, Humans, and Dragons battle for eternal life. The plains of Earth, Heaven, Hell, and the Sea serve as a backdrop to each race. The world will be seemless from realm to realm. However, players from each race will have a small advantage in their home zone. Gods will be stronger in heaven yet weaker in hell. The game will feature a numerical leveling system. It also has a strong back story based deeply in pre-history Chinese myths. Characters like the Monkey God, the Heavenly Generals, and the Horse and Cow face of hell appear throughout the game as bosses. The game combines martial arts and fighting across the races. It will also feature an in depth mount system where your mount grows and becomes stronger as you level. Look for Immortals to come out soon in China.

The next game on the list is Origins which takes place in a post apocalyptic world. The human race has been in ruin for many years after World War Three. Humanity is trying to rebuild the earth while battling people who have sold themselves in an alliance to technology. The nature vs. technology theme is very strong in origins. The two factions are split in a war to try and either end nature’s existence or rebuild the earth and bring nature back to its rightful place after the war. PvP and quests will take place over both regrown areas and devastated areas for players to explore. The interesting element added to the game is the Olympic Spirit. Humanity still maintains the Olympics as its one uniting factor. Players can compete against each other in a future version of the Olympics with gladiatorial combat. Adding the sports element to the MMO gives players more chances to compete in mini games for status.

The last game expected to come out is CBO, Chinese Basketball Open Online. Basketball is hugely popular in China and this online game plans to let players compete on the virtual courts. The game is in the early stages of development but has hopes to be very popular throughout the country. CBO has joined up with Global Gaming Link to eventually set up tournaments around China.

HGI has been working hard on the development stages for each of these games over the last few years. They have high hopes and the right connections to enter the Chinese market properly. Thanks again to Bian H.K. and C. Y. Ho for joining us here at E3.

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