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Hands On with Rift of the Damned

William Murphy Posted:
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Rift of the Damned, Riders of Icarus’ next big content update is set to drop on September 28th. Along with a whole new zone, new quests, a new dungeon, and new mounts it’ll also raise the level cap to 40, putting the NA version of the game one step closer to its Korean forebear. We’ve been dabbling with a level 40 Berserker on the test server and saw a lot of the new content in the process.

Tritael Rift is the new zone, and it’s comprised almost entirely of floating islands. Filled with ruins and the dead from a war long ago, it’s a pretty bleak but beautifully so sort of place. It’s the first entirely airborne zone, taking full advantage of the flight available in-game. One of my chief complaints against the free movment in RoI is that mounted riding and flying can feel so painfully slow. In Tritael, this changes a bit because there are bursts of energy throughout the zone that drastically increase flight speed for a brief period of time.

The zone itself is fit for levels 34 to 40, and continues the main storyline of Riders of Icarus as well. Each of the classes gets a couple of new skills as well, which is only fitting as you’ve got new challenges to face. You’ll be fighting right alongside the Pegasus Knights as you try to figure out what chaotic force is plaguing the land. It’s a pretty cool looking place, and the Knights themselves are essentially stuck there until you find out what’s going on. I wish I knew more of the lore, but as I’m still in my 20s, I’m a while off yet.

There’s a brand new dungeon called the Breach in Tritael as well, available beginning at level 39. It’s the epicenter of the Evil Spirit army, inhabited by the dead heroes of Hakanas. There are new mounts and a new item set to be obtained there as well. Alongside the Breach mounts, there are tons all over Tritael such as the Voidbeast Drauph, Blade, Paragas the Mad, and Karasha the Dark One. Of course, each of them have their own requirements for being caught as well.

Rift of the Damned launches on September 28th, as a free update for all players. While more than a few folks I know are waiting on the Ranger class, there’s still no word on when it’ll hit the servers. With Riders of Icarus quickly approaching the level 60 cap in the Korean client, one can only assume it’ll be soon that we see the more traditional ranged class added. For now, there’s plenty to see and do with the new cap of 40, new mounts, new gear, new quests, and a new dungeon to reap rewards from. 


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